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    Ideas on exhaust exit.

    WHAT TAIL PIPES???? Mine come off the header collector. 3" dia. straight back and end under the back seat. I Have hearing aids and can't hear it if they go to far back!!!!! I did put on 3" Delta 40's though.
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    Rear End Set Ups - 69 Coronet Restomod - 500HP

    We had a 4500 Stall, anything above 3500 It would lift the front wheels ( NOT high, but enough to see daylight under both tires) Best 60Ft. 1.58sec. However trap times went down if wheels came up. So at the track we did better in the quarter at 2700 -3,000. We also had 4" drive shaft, 1350...
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    Rear End Set Ups - 69 Coronet Restomod - 500HP

    I agree with most all, You need to decide what you want from the vehicle and how you will use it. Mine has a 727. First one was a TCI full comp and a 9" - 4500 stall, and as i said it was so stupid it was fun on the "street". But after a bit that has been change now to a ATI Street/Strip 3500...
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    Rear End Set Ups - 69 Coronet Restomod - 500HP

    I agree!!! I have 689 HP - 675Lbft going into a 8 3/4. Has 4.11's a tru-Trac in it (31 spline), Also have a set of 4.56's (35 spline) both built by DTS. Mark Williams parts, billet caps etc. 1.6 - 60ft times and it weighs 3500. Both are 742's. Only been "leaning" on it since 2006...
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    Stock vs Aftermarket Disc Brake Conversion

    My 66 ran mid 11's @ 120's, we up the grunt a bit, so now runs 10:30's @ 128. Was still stopping with the factory 10.5 " drums on all corners. Third round started getting tuff, Lebanon Valley has a long shut down so always survived, not as much cool down between rounds later in the day. However...