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    what's everyone using for wax nowadays?

    Once a year I use Collinite 915. Marque D’Elegance Last Step Concours Paste Wax | Collinite Since 1936 If I don't have time for a proper wax I use Collinite 845. https://www.collinite.com/product/no-845-insulator-wax/
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    C-body fan interested in 1971-1973 B-body sedan or wagon

    @Ayilar https://offerup.com/item/detail/b30d4b1c-985f-3e21-8b77-fab5d943f1d8?cid=5.1
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    C-body fan interested in 1971-1973 B-body sedan or wagon

    @Ayilar https://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/city-of-toronto/1973-dodge-cornet/1676311085
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    C-body fan interested in 1971-1973 B-body sedan or wagon

    Hello, Welcome to the Dark Side. :lol: There are very few differences between the 73 and 74 Plymouth Satellite's You may want to open your search up a little...
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    Anyone heard of: All-Classics.com???

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    Looking at a 67 Coronet tomorrow, advice.

    Hello, thank you for the kind words. First a little more history of what I know about the car. Please keep in mind, I'm VERY happy with the car, even with it's flaws. Other than the deer strike, which I will talk about, it seems like a very well cared for car which is what I was looking for...
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    Looking at a 67 Coronet tomorrow, advice.

    A few interior pics.
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    Looking at a 67 Coronet tomorrow, advice.

    Sorry @YY1, it's been a busy year and I forgot about these Pictures that @Dobalovr took for me pre-sale. Thank you again @Dobalovr for going above and beyond! Some silly little things, the center part of the grill was put in upside down after some body work. Obviously the body shop that did...
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    Looking at a 67 Coronet tomorrow, advice.

    Sorry, no recent pics. I'll take more when I get it out in the Spring and clean it up.
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    Wife has a brain tumor. Surgery on Monday

    Sorry I'm late to this thread. Congrats on the good news. I have a friend that I met because I got cancer the year before he did. we're both doing well, he just finished his chemo about a month ago, he also had a brain tumor. Survival rates have improved significanly in the last few years...
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    Looking at a 67 Coronet tomorrow, advice.

    Hi Graham, Other then taking three months for PennDOT to get my title, plates and registration straightened out everything is going well. I'm going to change the timing chain set as a precaution, reinstall the gas tank because the filler tube is not lined up correctly. My OCD requires it...
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    Is this 68 440 QQ1?

    Two tone paint was coded first letter = roof, second letter = body Here are pics of my 67 Coronet KL2 = Medium Turq/Dark Turq/2 tone. See link below. https://www.hamtramck-historical.com/images/dealerships/colorAndTrim/1967/67_Coronet_Charger_0002.jpg
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    Retro Stereos

    https://taymanelectrical.com/ Talk to this guy, I think he'll work with you to design what you need.
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    TV shows that you've binge watched.

    I watch TV to tune out not to stress out so I like the mindless old crap on MeTV, Comet, COZI, Laff, etc. or if I want to watch a movie I check what's on TCM and/or IFC.
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    I can't stop laughing at the idiots....

    Batteries are going to save the environment. :lol::BangHead: This article is from 2015 but no word on the residual effects to the soil....and probably never will be until someone else tries to buy the property and finds out it's a super fund site because of all the chemicals in the soil from...
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    Door and Trunk Hinge Lubricant

    My 2012 Ram had a recurring issue with squeaky hinges. I've tried several things, don't like using white lithium grease because of the mess. I started using Blaster Garage Door Lubricant which I bought to quite my garage doors. I stuff a blue shop towel in behind first to catch the over spray...
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    Looking for a 67 Coronet R/T owner

    @1MYTGTX, sorry I somehow missed this post. I started a thread in the lost and found. https://www.forbbodiesonly.com/moparforum/threads/found-chrysler-corporation-car-production-broadcast.274291/
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    How can I lookup the vin number of a 1964 plymouth

    this site has good info also https://mymopar.com/parts-manuals/
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    Found Chrysler Corporation Car Production Broadcast

    Just what you see, this is new for me, I'm told it was a sheet that would have been in the window from sales, not the true broadcast sheet that you would find under the seats etc. but IDK.