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  1. Under Pressure

    Car show judging

    I like car shows, I like weekly car cruise-ins mostly cause I like cars, car people, and making mixed drinks in my trunk Just sayin
  2. Under Pressure

    Front End FRIDAY!!!

    They were both out carousing last night
  3. Under Pressure

    If I have a car that’s a survivor

    No excuse, I slipped Thx!
  4. Under Pressure

    With rally rims, white lettering in or out?

    OUT of this world for the era look
  5. Under Pressure

    Dash pad fit to A pillar - 70 RR

    I Believe my 70 GTX would be the same pad and fit to to A pillar trim, some pics if it helps
  6. Under Pressure

    People doing stupid things

    Talk about having issues, HOLY CRAP!
  7. Under Pressure

    1970 body identification

    GTX is a hardtop
  8. Under Pressure

    1970 body identification

    Pretty sure it’s a Lynch rd car due to the “A” Maybe try the prefixes of RS23 or RM21 etc in a mopar vin look up and see if anything comes up RS23UOA154042 as an example. U is a 440, forget what the 383 letter is Just guessing
  9. Under Pressure

    So, for Father’s Day…

    Came home from car show yesterday and saw these on the porch, guess my kids know me
  10. Under Pressure

    Where did you and your car go today

    Henry Ford/Greenfield Village Motor Muster Great time yesterday going back today
  11. Under Pressure

    70 Bee M31 Body Belt Mld.

    It was also available on the 1970 GTX as optioned on mine
  12. Under Pressure

    Blue Thunder , 1968 Roadrunner

    Would love to have that for the Woodward Cruise and Roadkill Nights
  13. Under Pressure

    People doing stupid things

    I really am sitting here “Laughing out loud” (Hmmmm, I leave for work at 4:15am)
  14. Under Pressure

    People doing stupid things

    I know my neighbor is OCD, between 5pm and dark every Tuesday night he wil go back to his garbage cans 3 to 6 times and keep adjusting the lids and handles so they are perfectly aligned at a 90 degree angle, some times he doesn’t touch them, just goes in the street and looks back at them for...
  15. Under Pressure

    What is your claim to fame?

    Went in front of this judge at least 6 times in the 70’s for either drag racing, open alcohol, or looping on Telegraph, he never once jailed me! He was a good man
  16. Under Pressure

    New Member

    Welcome from the Motor City, and if yo need any specific pics just PM me, I’ve also got a 70 GTX