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    WTB Starter Section of Automatic or Bell Housing

    I'm looking for someone with a (non repairable) small block 904/727 or that has parts for same (or a broken bell housing). I need the section where the starter mounts to cut-out and use on my engine while its on the stand (I dont' have space to add a full bell housing or automatic). Let me know...
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    Tremec TKX 5-Speed Conversion

    Surprisingly 1st to 2nd gear really doesn't come on too fast and you're right tire diameter is a big factor. I was amazed when I ran the numbers on each gear with the 4.56 ratio and still have a (calculated) 140 MPH top end in 5th.
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    Tremec TKX 5-Speed Conversion

    It's sure interesting to see where some of us are with gear ratios and how spread out we are across a large range. Of course there are several factors. I'm running a TKO600 and 30.75" tire diameter and 4.56 ratio. I started with 4.1 ratio that Liberty's suggested and didn't like the outcome...
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    Got the Classic Backyard Buddy 4 post lift installed today...

    It would seem that at a 7k lb. capacity that the Ram will be close to the limit and the Suburban likely over capacity?
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    WTB Misc. Poly & Other Small Block Parts

    Any luck on locating these parts fellas?
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    WTB Misc. Poly & Other Small Block Parts

    If yours is an A series (Poly) and not an LA I may be interested. Let me give some thought on the need for any other parts.
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    WTB Misc. Poly & Other Small Block Parts

    I am certainly interested Dodge33. I'll wait for you to confirm the dip stick and tube. Pictures would be great.
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    WTB Misc. Poly & Other Small Block Parts

    Looking for: - Poly 318 single groove water pump pulley (can also be LA series pulley up to 68') - Poly 318 dip stick and dip stick tube - Carter 6902 Fuel Pump - (Added on 12-31-22) early to mid-60's Poly 318 Timing Tab (or 273 Please PM me here. I do not text.
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    FOR SALE Single grove water pump pulley 318

    What year is your 318 pulley from?
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    MCACN 2022 photo albums

    Beautiful car, perfect color.
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    MCACN 2022 photo albums

    Thanks Matt. I hope all is well with you. Steve did get in touch with me and sent me several pictures of the car in-process and completed at the show. The good news is that he finished it exactly as Curt had planned. The only thing I see he "changed" was that he removed the factory 6...
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    WTB Max Wedge 2406518 heads

    Sorry about that. Box has been corrected. Contact member "chooch" on this site. I had forgotten he is a member here.
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    WTB Max Wedge 2406518 heads

    I can't tell if you found a set or not from your last post. I sold a set last year to a fellow in PA whom I believe has more than one set. Please send me a P.M. and I'll provide his contact info. if you're still looking.
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    FOR SALE Performance / Racing parts

    - New Dedenbear Linkage Throttle Stop Kit # TS10K = $250 ($464 @ Summit without the large cylinder mount and extra (red) tubing) (The kit includes both the larger tank and air cylinder shown below.) - New ZEX / Comp Cams #82010 Nitrous Purge Kit = $75 ($130 @ Summit) - Thermo Tec Copper Header...
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    FOR SALE Super Charger / Turbo Related Parts

    If you're building a car or truck with a Supercharger or Turbo, cooling the intake air is critical to optimizing engine performance. To that end, the following are for sale: - NOS Garrett Air Research Charge Cooler. These sell for $600 & up. ($350) - Lot of New, assorted Silicone Tube...
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    has anyone used an american powertrain aluminum bellhousing?

    I have their Tremec (TKO-600) S/B Mopar bell housing that is a nice quality piece.
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    Rear End locks after tightening wheels

    I'll check this on mine as well. Thanks much.
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    Rear End locks after tightening wheels

    So those studs allowed the drum to get off-center and then the brake shoes drug on the drums?
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    Part Pricing Help

    I'm in the process of pricing out car parts for my brother's estate and while many of them are pretty easy to set a price on, original OEM parts seem to be "all-over" the place. Any suggestions or direction is appreciated. Along those lines are: - A pair of very nice 1964 Max Wedge Stage-III...