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    Many questions, few solutions.

    My observation in the First Gen Charger forum for instance, is that many of the "tell me what to do" questions are very basic and easily found in the Service Manual, which they did not bother to obtain. The lazy have to help themselves at some point. Several of the body styles have technical...
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    WTB 1966 charger radio knobs

    ...both pieces? think I sold my last set but will look this weekend.
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    FOR SALE Liquidation sale... 440,727, random parts...

    Sincerely hope the company is helping with training and job placement assistance! Best of luck in your next endeavors!
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    remember, no matter where you go, that's where you're at!!! me
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    Curious...66 or 67?

    standard in 66
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    Now it's time..

    Amen to all the above! We're heading that way too with our 14 yr old Lab/Hound mix. Don't really want to put him down but don't like seeing him suffer and yelp from the pain. While my wife says "no replacement" (to go with our other much younger Husky mix), guess who keeps showing me Facebook...
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    67 Charger First Drive Out

    First, sorry for your loss. Nice job on the car! What a great tribute. In a similar vein, my wife and I are sending our un-completed 67 Charger out to our son in Idaho for a father-son project activity before his son is out of high school and gone in 3 years (and no budget for such a project...
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    WTB Hey guys! anyone have a 66-67 headlight motor?

    many of us 1st Geners have some spare headlight motors around (including me), but most all would need to be rebuilt to work properly. you need to make sure any seller confirms that their motor is a working one, or else get yours rebuilt. Topher should be answering your e-mail tho'. This is...
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    1966 Dodge Charger original 318 Restoration

    sounds like maybe a vacuum leak somewhere. after checking the various vac tubes, have you tried the old squirt some WD-40 or similar around the carb base/gasket area, and the intake manifold to head areas? I'm assuming you have cleaned out the gas tank and lines so no water or old gas...
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    Mopars at the Red Barns

    ...putting it on our calendar. now I just gotta check it now and then!
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    ...some days it just doesn't pay to chew off the restraints! No good deed goes unpunished!
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    67 Dodge Charger Interior

    ditto the nice looking interior. in process of organizing mine for interior reassembly. great incentive - ref photos - thanks!!!
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    " one way or the other,you Are coming with me "

    .....shoulda had an old P38 can opener on your key chain.
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    Our new 4 legged family member.. he's a cutie!

    ...definitely an "awwwwwww!!!" moment!
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    "GTX" from Fast and Furious 8

    Guys, come on! Those movies are for entertainment, not intended as documentaries of street racing or similar stuff. I was going to wax eloquent but I've said my piece.
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    Anyone wanna buy my old Daytona?

    Hey, I live within 20 minutes of that location. Anyone want me to go crawl around it with a camera and magnet? For a nominal fee of course. Probably be able to talk him down to $195K without much trouble.
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    New from McKinney Texas 66 Charger

    Welcome from Western Michigan and good luck with your project!
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    Forgot the "never assume anything" rule..

    Back in the late '60's while in the USAF, I was flying on a mission where the equipment I operated this trip was a prototype set-up from a government contractor. It had oscilloscopes for watching/calibrating signals processed thru a whole crap load of conditioning stuff. I happened to touch...
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    A helpful guide to quarter window installation. 66/67 Chargers

    many thanks for your time and efforts for the tutorial. just benchmarked it for my efforts this summer.
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    wtb 66 67 headlight motors

    I knew that. It was a test to see who was paying attention. You passed!!!