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    PerTronix Ignitor® Solid-State Ignition Systems anyone using it?

    I have converted many cars in the past 15 years. No issues, I suggest that you use their coils.
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    Oil pressure down to zero when idling.

    This may sound crazy, but after you check with a mechanical guage, check your grounds. I had a bad ground on a fresh build, everytime i would brake the guages would change. The brake lights were back feeding through the dash effecting the guages.
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    WTB quarter window upper roller set.

    Jegs has a complete kit. OER MB1770: Quarter Window Roller Set Fits Select 1966-1970 Mopar B-Body Models - JEGS High Performance
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    70 RR Rallye Center Cap Light vs Dark

    Does anyone know why there is light gray and dark gray center caps for rallye wheels? Which would be correct on 70 RR with silver rallye wheels?
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    Chrome platers

    these people do great work. https://www.tricityplating.com/
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    Which muscle car is ugly?

    I agree that Matadors are ugly. But i saw this one in person.
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    Heater hose question

    How old are your upper and lower radiator hoses?
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    Insurance Questions -

    I have had Grundy for 18 years. Great rates and agreed value coverage. With prices on cars through the roof insure it for more than you paid.
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    Dukes OF Hazzard

    Saw one Saturday at Cooter’s garage.
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    Comment by 'drivintim' in item '1966 Dodge Charger 318 Poly Factory A/C'

    Amazing interior. Also one of the best dash ever built.
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    Sniper fuel system planning and install - show your’s, recommends?

    Using an efi pump requires high pressure fuel line. Your hardline idea is great but make sure to use high pressure flex lines and fittings. I use “Earls”. https://www.holley.com/brands/earls/ You can get good hardline from them also.
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    What's the deal with factory reproduction batteries?

    I have one, had it tested when i was having regulator problem. The mechanic told me it had more amps than any battery he ever tested.
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    426 hemi ignition coils

    If a 1.5 ohm is correct. Try PERTRONIX 40011 FLAME-THROWER COIL 40,000 VOLT 1.5 OHM BLACK I have used them on many cars.
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    Comment by 'drivintim' in item '1970 Dodge Charger R/T'

    Amazing car. What drive in theater? Looks like a car show going on.