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    FOR SALE 1963 Dodge 440 Hood, Trunk Lid, Valence Panel

    For Sale: Hood, Trunk Lid, and Valance Panel for a 1963 Dodge 440 4dr sedan. These are all in very good shape. The hood has a small rust hole on the underside frame but could be easily repaired. If they don’t sell soon, I’m going to scrap them and I believe they can do somebody some good. They...
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    New to the 62-65 b bodies ! harder to buy than a 71 cuda ?

    Ok. I am not in a real big hurry but I would like to buy one as soon as possible. I’ve called to a couple salvage yards, one quoted me $200 for this part! That’s the only two parts I need, the rest of the car is in great shape.
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    New to the 62-65 b bodies ! harder to buy than a 71 cuda ?

    Do you have a trim piece that goes on the lip of the hood? Mine is missing. Also, do you have a good passenger side headlight bezel?
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    WTB 1963 dodge 440 4door parts

    I dk if that hinge is DS or PS but maybe they interchange. The plating is worn but otherwise the cluster looks good.
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    WTB 1963 dodge 440 4door parts

    This is what you’re looking for?
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    318A to 361B Engine Swap - ‘62 Dodge 440

    Tell the truth! I don’t understand why people waste their time (and mine/ours) to get on a forum, cut down and dissect ideas and don’t offer any meaningful help…if you don’t have anything constructive to offer - it’s easy - just don’t comment. If you can help - please do. If I had a 440 or 383...
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    WTB 1963 dodge 440 4door parts

    10-4. When I get home I’ll take a pic of what I got and hopefully we can work something out.
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    WTB 1963 dodge 440 4door parts

    I have a 4 door that I just parted out. Not a station wagon. Can’t help with the brakes or linkage or headlight ring but I may be able to help with the stainless trim… which part to do need?
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    318A to 361B Engine Swap - ‘62 Dodge 440

    I don’t understand what you are getting at here…I’m considering a 361 because it’s for sale nearby for cheap, bolted up to a cable shift TQ. I’m polling to see how difficult/expensive it’s going to be to get the car setup for a BB. If it can be done quickly and somewhat economical I will do it...
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    318A to 361B Engine Swap - ‘62 Dodge 440

    Looking at swapping the 318A for a 361 in a ‘62 Dodge. Will bolt right up? Do I need to modify the k-member? What are the details that I need to know to swap these out? Thanks Chris
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    SOLD 62 dart 330

    Do you still have this car? Would you trade for a ‘65 Dodge Dart convertible?
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    1963 Dodge 440 on a 2005 Magnum chassis

    Thanks for the tip! I’ll check him out!
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    1963 Dodge 440 on a 2005 Magnum chassis

    You ask “Why?”, I ask “Why Not?” What am I supposed to do? Let me guess, I should just “find an old 440 and have it rebuilt, it’s not that expensive”. Then buy a disc brake kit from Classic Industries - “it’ll bolt right up and you can get a complete kit for around $2k which is pretty good...
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    1963 Dodge 440 on a 2005 Magnum chassis

    I have an idea for a project, I’ve already purchased both vehicles but I was going to see if anyone has done this before… I have a 1963 Dodge 440 4-door sedan and a 2005 Dodge Magnum w/ 5.7L Hemi, 4-wheel disc brakes, independent front and rear suspension, 5-speed transmission, A/C, nice...
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    FOR SALE 1963 Dodge 440 Front Bumper

    1963 Dodge 440 Front Bumper. Good driver quality. Comes with brackets. I need to clean up the shop. If no one offers to buy this after a few weeks it will end up in the scrapyard. I hate to be like that but if I don’t need and no one else wants it or needs it then what’s it good for? $100 OBO +...
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    FOR SALE 1963 Dodge 440 Armrests

    For Sale : A matching set of (4) 1963 Dodge 440 4-sedan armrests. These are in very good condition with no cracking, only a couple mouse nibbles but I think these could be repaired and the arm rests good be dyed or paint or left as is. I don’t want to sell individual arm rests, I’d like to sell...
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    FOR SALE 1963 Dodge 440 Battery Tray Bracket

    Battery Tray Support Bracket - Needs a little TLC but is a good original part off a 1963 Dodge 440. I would think these are usually corroded beyond use/repair being that its located near the battery. $10 + shipping.
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    FOR SALE 1963 Dodge 440 Jiffy Jet Bracket

    Jiffy Jet Windshield Washer Bag Bracket - Needs a little TLC but is an original off of a 1963 Dodge 440. $10 + shipping.
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    FOR SALE 1963 Dodge Coronet 440

    For Sale : 1963 Dodge Coronet 440. This is a sweet car! 318 Poly engine, push button transmission. I picked this car up yesterday and took it to the car wash and it cleaned up very well. Very little rust. I was told this car just needed brakes and tires to drive, the engine runs, I have not...