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  1. SteveSS

    The cars of I Dream of Jeannie.

    Lots of Mopars in The Beverly Hillbillies.
  2. SteveSS

    The cars of I Dream of Jeannie.

  3. SteveSS

    The cars of I Dream of Jeannie.

    Who cares if they're all Pontiacs? It's Barbara Eden.
  4. SteveSS

    Close calls, or devine intervention?

    Similar occurence. We rented a Jeep in Ouray, Colorado. After 12 miles of twisty hairpins and rough inclines, my wife said, "Stop." The last hairpin led up and onto the highway just as a semi was going by. I could have killed myself and my whole family. Makes me ill to think about it.
  5. SteveSS

    1976 Dodge Magnum in a music video.

    Thanks for the screen captures guys. I trusted someone else on the car's year. Correction appreciated. Are the headlight covers supposed to be that foggy?
  6. SteveSS

    1976 Dodge Magnum in a music video.

    So I'm not up on popular music but someone told me to check out Sabrina Carpenter. So I watched the Please, Please, Please video. She's a hot little June bug but what I liked was the black Magnum featured in the video.
  7. SteveSS

    Ironic, a lost bear shows up at the zoo.

    Last week a young bear showed up at Colorado's Renaissance Festival. This week an orphaned bear cub was found up in a tree at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. How he found the zoo is anyone's guess. The first bear got relocated. The cub will be raised until he's old enough to be released. Orphaned...
  8. SteveSS

    Which Mopar wears black the best?

    I'm saying the 3rd Gen Chargers. I think 2nd Gen Chargers are beautiful but I think black hides too much of their beautiful lines and proportions. 3rd Gens just look evil in black.
  9. SteveSS

    You're gifted $10,000 dollars what car do you buy.

    Can I get a 67-69 Barracuda notchback?
  10. SteveSS

    You're gifted $10,000 dollars what car do you buy.

    I purposely kept the amount low. It narrows the field. Even if it's a POS what do you buy? A crappy A or C body?
  11. SteveSS

    One of the Oak Ridge Boys dies

    I was at a funeral for a friend. Without getting into details I sat right behind the ORB..That guy with the long hair has a bald spot. Lots of country music icons were there.
  12. SteveSS

    It is a bit toasty out there.

    This is a family story. My dad, a petroleum geologist from Oklahoma, married my mom, a Norwegian from Montana. To keep her cool he rigged a block of ice that melted over a towel draped over a fan. The cool water and evaporation made it toleratable in the Oklahoma heat. Pretty smart.
  13. SteveSS

    It is a bit toasty out there.

    I once had to walk briskly about 3 blocks in downtown Hong Kong. I was so soaked with sweat it was like I just got out of a tub. I checked the stats. Average humidity in Hong Kong in July is 90%.
  14. SteveSS

    1970 Super Bee: Thoughts on this car for sale? And intro from Minnesota.

    Every time I read this thread it makes me want to work on my '70 Coronet 500.. I haven't done squat to it. 383 AT all original, severely sun baked but not rusty. I still haven't decided if I want to do a color change.
  15. SteveSS

    Unexpected visitor at Colorado festival.

    He even found a ball to play with. Funny, my dog that looks like a bear is twice his size. This post is acting weird. If the link doesn't work it's about a black bear that showed up at our renaissance festival...
  16. SteveSS

    It is a bit toasty out there.

    I've never paid much attention to humidity. One of those old sayings is you know you're from Colorado if everywhere else feels humid. We are known for low humidity levels year round. I checked the forecast for today, 7-10-24 and our high will be 82 degrees with 15% humidity. I've mentioned...
  17. SteveSS

    It is a bit toasty out there.

    Nice here. 65 degrees at 9 pm Low of 53 tonight.
  18. SteveSS

    Theme songs for your life - who's got one?

    Kiss I saw him inVegs.
  19. SteveSS

    Stepped outside to grab a burger at 8:pm 54 degrees!

    48 for a low tonight.
  20. SteveSS

    Do you have a "parts" job?

    A little sumthin' sumthin on the side to put money in the car parts piggy bank? Since I'm a night owl I took on a very part-time security gig at an assisted living facility that looks like a 5-star hotel. These folks don't need help, the hotel just provides meals and day trips to casinos and...