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  1. mopower_333

    1967 Dodge coronet Grill

    I see them on ebay from time to time. Be patient and one will come up, but you'll probably spend a good penny. I paid 800 bucks for the grille for my 66 coronet...and I still have to pay to have it re-done. Check alltrim.com. The guy does awesome work and i've seen numerous 67 grilles on his...
  2. mopower_333

    Best heads for a 440 Budget

    On a budget, I would say 440 source heads. They flow similar to edelbrocks and I believe they have a cnc ported head available as well.
  3. mopower_333

    what would you do

    It's not a rare care or anything, so I would do whatever I wanted to do to it. I'm not really a numbers guy or anything. I would go big block for sure.
  4. mopower_333

    1966 67 b body

    When i replace the floor, rear footwells, and under seat area, would you recommend taking all the old sheet metal out first and replace or take out the old stuff a piece at a time. Meaning take out floor, replace floor, take out rear footwells, replace rear footwells, etc. Thanks in advance.
  5. mopower_333

    1966 67 b body

    It's looking like it would just be easier to bite the bullet and buy the reproduction piece. I already have a new one piece floor with rear footwells and yesterday I was doing some work and Theres some rust holes on the drivers side. None real big but scattered and underneath it's pitted in that...
  6. mopower_333

    1966 67 b body

    I'm in the need of the passenger and driver floor under the rear seat. I'm lookings for clean original as I don't want to spend $300 for a reproduction when I don't need the whole thing. Contact Ronnie @ [email protected], Thanks
  7. mopower_333

    Questions about 64 fury body

    They don't make reproduction sheet metal for 63-65 b-bodies...AMD makes a full floor now, but that's about it. It's a lot harder to find any parts for early b-bodies, but they sure are worth it. Your best bet would be to try an all mopar salvage yard. Good luck
  8. mopower_333

    65 Dodge coronet Exhaust

    Yes, they are a bit pricey. My dad got a 3" stainless kit for his 65 coronet and I think it was $800 ish. It fit nice and looks nice though.
  9. mopower_333

    65 Dodge coronet Exhaust

    tti makes exhaust systems that will bolt right up.
  10. mopower_333

    493 stroker details

    a 493 is a 440 block bored .030" with a 4.15" crank. Common set up. Use the displacement formula: bore x bore x stroke x # of cylinders x .785 In this case it would be 4.35 x 4.35 x 4.15 x 8 x .785
  11. mopower_333

    64 Dodge 330 Trim Destroyed - need help.

    I would call a mopar only salvage yard, such as wildcat mopars in Oregon, and see what they would sell those pieces to you for. That way you have a quote from a business and that would make your claim that much better. I'd say you have about $400 worth of trim.
  12. mopower_333

    65 Belvedere II Grill

    http://board.moparts.org/ubbthreads/showflat.php?Cat=0&Board=B&Number=5453804&page=0&fpart=2 it's a little more than half way down
  13. mopower_333

    65 Belvedere II Grill

    there is one on moparts.com that is just the center section, but he say it's very clean for $375
  14. mopower_333

    Early B-Body (64-65) center console & bucket seats

    If that guy doesn't want them, I might be interested in the set. I would probably want to pick them up at the show in Madera if he lives nearby.
  15. mopower_333

    66 coronet windshield trim help

    I ended up getting a set off of a 66 4 door that daredevil had
  16. mopower_333

    62,63 windshield, backglass wanted "B" Body

    I have a rear window out of a 1965 coronet post car. I'm not sure if they are the same, but maybe something to look into.
  17. mopower_333

    Pics of my car

    How much hp will the moser housing handle with the brace? I've been thinking about buying one of those for my car instead of a dana.
  18. mopower_333

    66 coronet windshield trim help

    I've been looking for windshield moldings for my 1966 coronet 2 door sedan and a guy from moparts.com has a set he said he would sale me off a 69 coronet. He said that all 66-70 b-bodies have the same pieces and only the sides vary from sedans to hardtops. I was wondering if anyone knew if that...
  19. mopower_333

    66 bel II tail lights?

    I saw 2 sets listed last night. They were both just put on. THey have the tail lights and the extensions.
  20. mopower_333

    how heavy

    i know the block is 200 pounds. I'd say 600 is a good estimate.