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  1. WileERobby

    The cars of I Dream of Jeannie.

    Never noticed any cars. When I watched this in my youth, there were only two things more important to me than cars. And she had them.
  2. WileERobby

    Can a stock fuel pump put out TOO much pressure?

    ^^^ First thing we did when someone came into the garage with a similar symptom. Gauge it. Confirm it, or rule it out.
  3. WileERobby

    Dr. Ruth

    I thought it was eerie the way she pronounced "pee-nus".
  4. WileERobby

    Happy birthday Budnicks

    Happy birthday
  5. WileERobby

    Fresh dent on my Ram’s hood from neighbors fireworks

    Balks at paying he's a douchebag. Any good neighbor would reimburse your expense, compensate for your time & effort, and extend a handshake with a "thank you" .
  6. WileERobby

    Which Mopar wears black the best?

    Easy answer:
  7. WileERobby

    Not a Mopar but what a bummer

    Yup. Their sole responsibility is the property damage due to their negligence. Vehicle owner gets compensated for the actual value of the property. And that's it.
  8. WileERobby

    Fresh dent on my Ram’s hood from neighbors fireworks

    Plus $100 for your time. It's the least I would do for you.
  9. WileERobby

    FOR SALE 1971 roadrunner v code survivor

    This car is one of 246 produced, 119 automatics.
  10. WileERobby

    The history of one of the greatest inventions of all time: the Conex

    And I thought the greatest invention is the bikini
  11. WileERobby

    You're gifted $10,000 dollars what car do you buy.

    < something like this. A great ride that keeps up with modern traffic in comfort and style.
  12. WileERobby

    You're gifted $10,000 dollars what car do you buy.

    My thoughts exactly. A very nice 75-79 B-body can be had for 10k.
  13. WileERobby

    What software do you use on your YouTube channel?

    You think any of these old geezers here have any idea what you're talking about ? There's no channels other than 2 thru 13 VHF, it says so right here on the dial of my B&W tv set !
  14. WileERobby

    water pump nipple wrench?

    I've never put them on nipples. What happens ?
  15. WileERobby

    Superbird Required option

    Could be resonators in the exhaust system.
  16. WileERobby

    water pump nipple wrench?

    All these years, I never knew there were tools for nipples.
  17. WileERobby

    A most important video about oil...

    I recall sending out oil samples to labs, years ago, for analyzation for engine failures. When a manufacturer tried to deny a warranty claim for lack of maintenance. I was amazed at how well the oils were after so many miles.
  18. WileERobby

    Car show judging

  19. WileERobby

    1971 440 thermostat replacement temperature?

    ^^ Bingo ! All the right ingredients for a solid combination.