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    Weatherstripping for 4dr Sedan

    Back when I had my '73 wagon, I forget where I saw them, Year One? Steele Rubber Products? Anyways, they had door weather strip for the more popular '68 - '70 wagons. The doors are basically the same shape but the window felts were different due to the older B's having wing windows. I...
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    Is my old 1968 Roadrunner still alive???

    I see quite a few posts 'where's my old car today'. Have any of you heard of 'Lost & Found Muscle Cars'? I first saw this guy on Facebook, and just recently started watching his YouTube channel. I've never used it, just found the stories interesting (link to YouTube because so many hate...
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    This changes things...

    Hmmmm....the bezel looks right for the car, but the speedometer you showed is not. Here are a couple of images pulled from the web of a '77 and a '73. Note the differences in fonts, not to mention the 'CERTIFIED' which a '73 Rallye cluster wouldn't have.....
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    This changes things...

    Nice score! BUT, that's not the correct speedometer. Get your pics mixed up? The pic is of a '75-up B-body. Just curious, not criticizing.....
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    The Most Rotten 67 GTX

    Body swap it onto a late Charger floorpan. Most of what you need to remove is already gone.........
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    Low roof charger

    All that work and a BLACK engine compartment.......:screwy: Not saying I like it but I've seen much, MUCH worse.
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    Sold my wagon. New screen name.

    Old news if you follow moparts.com too. I sold my wagon a month ago. The harder I tried to make things happen with it, the more 'life' got in the way. And now with facing becoming my Mother's caregiver (not a complaint), after 20+ yrs of ownership and not having turned a wrench on it since 2009...
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    WiW 73 Front Anti Sway Bar

    having to make one is beyond most buyers And what adds to the 'problem' is that it's not simply a flat piece of steel.
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    WiW 73 Front Anti Sway Bar

    I've got one that has a date with the local scrapper this week. Been trying to sell it off and on for the past 10+ yrs with no bites, not even a nibble, and now shipping is too expensive.
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    Rear spring swap/compatability, wagon vs. 2-door/4-door ??

    I had ESPO springs on my '73 wagon (had because I recently sold my wagon). I put them on it about 20 yrs ago. Before I bought the ESPO springs, I had a set of springs off a factory big block 4 dr. The 4dr sat a little high in the back with just the springs, so I figured they would...
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    73 Charger Wiper Questions

    Your question about blades was answered about 7 posts up. Looks like you'll have to do a google search as the poster did not provide a source for them.
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    1979 Dodge St. Regis power steer high pressure hose

    Go to rockauto.com and take a look at hoses for a '79 Cordoba with 318.
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    73 Charger Wiper Questions

    I've parted a few '73 Satellites, I'm pretty sure I still I have a set or two of the wiper arms over in storage, I can check if you don't find a set sooner. Also, I think the arms are the same up to '79, but as mentioned, they have the windshield washers attached to the arms. I grabbed a set a...
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    FOR SALE Taillight lenses for '73 Satellite 4 door

    A little rough, need polishing and fresh paint, but no cracks or chips. There are two right outer lenses and two left outer lenses, but only one set of the back up lens. Six lenses total, will not sperate. I sold off my 4dr several years ago, no longer need these. Pic of car is from internet...
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    New (yes....) fuel tank, cap won't twist into place? 72 Satellite wagon...

    Geez, how long did it take you to find an NOS tank? In my '73 I ended up getting a clean used '78(?) tank because I couldn't find an NOS or even a good same year tank. I agree it's a stupid design and I even contemplated modifying my floor pan to accept a '68-'70 tank. Good luck with your...
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    71 Coronet Wagon

    Looking good! I added 3 point belts to my wagon, but I moved the upper mount to the B-pillar like the '74-'78 wagon/sedans had. This pic was taken back when my wagon was my daily. I built a crude speaker box to help hold up the headliner as well as have someplace for speakers. The mounts were...
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    Daytona from back in the day...

    Did a google image search and came up with two more pics from Stock Photos & Images, Vectors, Video & Audio - Dreamstime. They say the car is from Australia. Looking at the steering wheel, I'd say that's correct!
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    Advice needed - 1966 Charger rear bumper

    This post from last year discussed having a bumper 'chrome wrapped'....... Chrome Wrap linky
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    Are general mayhem clones cool or stupid?

    My FAVORITE episode with Mayhem, hands down!
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    Are general mayhem clones cool or stupid?

    No offense, but, Dude, really?? Try google again but General Mayhem.......