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  1. GASSR

    How many engines have you exploded or hurt really bad????

    So to set the scene, this was in 1985 and in the UK. The six pack rods are significantly stronger than the stock 440 rods. They were crack tested, shot peened and had ARP hardware. Did not have the same choices of parts back then. The crank was a 440 crank, metal sprayed and then offset...
  2. GASSR

    8 and 3/4 yolk

    Reading this thread, I have a question. I have an 8 3/4 built using a 489 case. I had planned to upgrade my pinion yoke to accept a 1350 u joint. I removed the old yoke and was a little surprised to see my pinion is coarse splined. Moser list a 1350 yoke with coarse spline but specifically...
  3. GASSR

    How many engines have you exploded or hurt really bad????

    Only one RB. 512, forged crank, six pack rods and Venolia pistons. Purple cam, Stage iV heads and six pack on a Weiand tunnel ram and 250 nitrous. Chewed up the bearings but thankfully the motor held together.
  4. GASSR

    KYB vs Monroe vs Bilstein?

    For those of you who take your cars to the track, Strange do an adjustable worth considering. Single Adjustable Front Shock Multiple Mopar Applications - Strange Engineering
  5. GASSR

    QA1 suspension

    More common that you think! The K member pictured above was modified to use 62-65 motor mounts in the original location ... as QA-1 did not make one for these cars. Note the two slots rather than the single ones on the later K members. Using it also lets you add a sway bar and provide handy...
  6. GASSR

    440 engine rear down. Anything worth keeping?

    Stock main caps will work just fine. I built a 512 and used 250 shot of nitrous ... no issues with stock cap, also used windage tray .. but you should get a deep pan if you plan to race.
  7. GASSR

    What are the different yokes for 7290 / 8 3/4

    Thanks for all the useful information. I tried offering up a 7290 to the yoke. Not a good fit. As much as the person that built the chunk for me said it was 7290, I believe it may be an odd ball, like 1330. In any event I ordered a new yoke from Quick Performance to take a 1350. This way I...
  8. GASSR

    63 Dodge 440 RB header fit

    Hi Tom Thanks for the feedback. I do agree. I am going to try the Schumacher shim kit to see if I can shift the motor more to the passenger side. I am pretty committed to the Borgeson steering box, having cut the shaft and fitted their UJ.
  9. GASSR

    63 Fury Wagon

    Very cool!
  10. GASSR

    What are the different yokes for 7290 / 8 3/4

    These are pictures of my actual 8 3/4" ... just trying to confirm if it looks like a 7290 should fit.
  11. GASSR

    What are the different yokes for 7290 / 8 3/4

    Hi there, hoping I can get some clarification on the different yokes and UJs associated with an 8 3/4. I am having a drive shaft made. I had an 8 3/4 built for me. It is a 849 case, 3.55 gears, sure grip. The guy who built it for me said it had a yoke for a LG 7290 UJ. I showed pictures of...
  12. GASSR

    63 Dodge 440 RB header fit

    66 and up B Body. Given that is the type K member I am using I would have expected the relationship between the motor, and steering box to be OK. I suspect the Edelbrock heads may be wider than stock and be causing the problem.
  13. GASSR

    63 Dodge 440 RB header fit

    A manual steering box might ... but I am pretty invested in keeping the Borgeson quick ratio power steering. Would really mess up my belt system, not needing a power steering pump.
  14. GASSR

    63 Dodge 440 RB header fit

    Before I take a large hammer to my new headers, I am hoping someone out there may have the same combo as me and guide me on if there is a way to make my headers fit without 'modification'. I have a 63 440 Dodge. I am using a QA-1 k member so it sets the engine back like fitting a 66 k member...
  15. GASSR

    Anyone been to the Southern tip of Africa - Advice?

    May want to give Jo'berg a miss. It used to be a great city to visit. Can be very dangerous now. Head to Cape Town or Zimbabwe.
  16. GASSR

    transmission mount problem

    Mike's placement of the gear vendor tailshaft is exactly where mine is, with the trans mount holes essentially in the center of the cross member. I have fitted the later mount and made a cardboard template. Next up is a 3d print to make sure the fit is good before I make the steel version. I...
  17. GASSR

    64 Dodge 318 to 400 wakeup

    As you decide on which engine combo to go with, design with your use in mind. The 400 with good internals starts as a motor that will rev well for its size. Stroke it all the way to 512 and you may loose some of that .. may not matter if its mostly a street car. Also look at where the rings...
  18. GASSR

    QA1 suspension

    Probably posting too late on this. QA-1 did not used to make a k member for the 62-65 cars. I have a '66 tubular K member I had to modify with mounts in the stock location. After that, I have installed the 66 style to set my motor back the extra 1.5 " ... in my mind the kit saves weight, gave...
  19. GASSR

    62 Fury - Advise on 413, 426 Wedge or 440

    What they said. Go with the 440. You can go with a Ramchargers look or whatever you think looks cool!
  20. GASSR

    My little "dealership"

    ... and Deep Purple in the 8 track!