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    Lack Luster Brakes

    I am not to sure where I got this from. it was a couple years ago and when I was looking for it I saw quite a few places carrying it The bore of the Master cylinder is 1". I measured it and according to the FSM that is what you are suppose to have with the 10" drums When it comes to the...
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    Surely not an A body on fbbo!!!

    I have restored two darts, one a 67 and a 68. They make floors, truck floors, trunk floor extensions, torsion bar cross member, rockers, quarters and I think frame rails and aprons. I am not to sure if they are doing the fenders on these yet. But that is a lot of body work for a bare bones...
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    Lack Luster Brakes

    So good news. Took the car out last night for a loop and it ran and stopped fine. have some electrical issues to deal with, but the brakes stopped the car consistently. I would say that a drum brake car with the disc brake booster that the brakes are over boosted to the point it is very hard...
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    Lack Luster Brakes

    There was an article in some Mopar Magazine a while back about doing a disc brake conversion on this generation mopar that uses the 73-76 A body spindles, caliper bracket and calipers with the (I think) 78-82 cordoba rotors and hub. These rotors require at least a 15" wheel. It is all mopar...
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    Lack Luster Brakes

    It does not look like that. I currently dont have a good picture of the booster. I can grab one when I get home tonight (time permitting) I did put on new pads, front cylinders, and front adjusters, bled the front brakes and adjusted all for corners this weekend before I took it for a ride. I...
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    Lack Luster Brakes

    I had an issue with the drum brake booster a year or so ago. And instead of paying the money to get it rebuilt I went with the disc brake booster knowing that I would eventually put disc brakes on this car. The disc brakes I want to use on this car require a wheel change to a bigger diameter...
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    Lack Luster Brakes

    So I made some time last night to look into the charger and found a couple interesting things. First off, like I vaguely remember, the adjusting lever was not contacting the star on the adjuster. I am chalking this up to mismatched parts from the original components mixed with todays revised...
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    Lack Luster Brakes

    I really hope your wrong... lol. But it is easy enough to determine. Ill try that this weekend since they are calling for rain the entire time!! I mean anything is possible? the axle & bearing seals were new once the brakes were installed and I am usually pretty diligent on keeping my hands...
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    Lack Luster Brakes

    I mean maybe... but when I drive my 68 dart with 10" drums in a similar manor (10-15 mph and standing on the brakes) it will damn near throw me through the windshield! front comes down and that car stops. Similar reaction in the 70 polara. However, with this car it just slowly stops. Which...
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    Lack Luster Brakes

    So the car in question is a 70 charger. It has 10" drums all around that were rebuilt with new springs and cylinders a couple years about (about 1500 miles ago), with a repro disk brake booster. I bled all the air out of the lines and verified that there are no leaks in the system. However my...
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    SOLD 1979 Dodge Magnum XE t-top

    thank you for the pictures. Would hate to see it scrapped, but it needs more than I have time or money to give it.
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    SOLD 1979 Dodge Magnum XE t-top

    I see there is rot on the doors, fenders, and rockers, hows the trunk floor and frame rails?
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    Patina'd RR1 Burgundy 1968 Charger ("Ribeye")

    I always liked this build, and interested in the direction you are taking. I always thought of doing a newer hemi swap in a gen two charger, but besides cost, I couldnt wrap my head around how I would interface the new engine systems with the old school gauges. So I will be anxiously waiting...
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    Chrysler's 1956 Norseman concept car

    with all these car restoration/build shows going on there has to be a shop willing to taking on a build that involves recreating this vehicle. Gotham Garage recreated a Plymouth XNR
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    Broken X shafts 8 3/4 clutch type SG

    I have seen that issue before. My friend had that happen with a clutch SG that he put into his Slant six dart. The unit was disassembled and inspected before it was placed into that car.
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    WTB 70 Dash Center Trim

    Hello, I am looking for the center dash trim for a 70 A/C rally dash board (car is a 70 charger). This is the trim piece that surrounds the center A/C vent. if anyone has one (preferably black in decent shape) please reach out. thank you Joe
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    1991 DODGE RAM 150

    24k is too high. I have seen that generation truck go for the low teens in REALLY nice shape. I have see people ask that much for the 250 with the cummins depending on mileage/condition/options/modifications (dont know if they got it), but definitely not a half ton with a gas motor in it.
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    FOR SALE 1970 dual snorkel air cleaner

    Can you please explain what makes this a 70 only air cleaner? Or the differences between this and the other years? thank you
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    1970 R/T

    You would probably want to make sure if the numbers on the engine and trans match the VIN on the fender tag and dash VIN plate. Wouldnt be a bad Idea to pop out the rear seat cushion and look for the build sheet as well. Having the numbers match greatly impact the value of the vehicle in its...
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    SRT8 Roadrunner conversion, NOT a body over!!

    This has been an amazing read!! I have no where near the skill you have, but is this something a DIY'er could do?