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  1. jaws

    Who likes Mopar street Rods

    That's the reason I now have the Sedan, lot more room. I'm 6-3 300#.
  2. jaws

    Who likes Mopar street Rods

    Yes I do, Had this 29 Chrysler Coupe 354 HEMI and a 4spd. Had to sell just to small for me. Now I have this 32 DeSoto sedan. 360-727 8 3/4
  3. jaws

    SOLD 69-70 Dodge Plymouth convertible boot clips NOS

    I have 15 NOS #2788807 69-70 convertible Boot clips that I found cleaning some shelves. I have had these 40+ years and don't have my converts anymore. $25 shipped for all of them.
  4. jaws

    Car show super surprise.

    Rode with my buddy on a pass.
  5. jaws

    Car show super surprise.

    Did kinda like this one a lot.
  6. jaws

    Car show super surprise.

    Dang near got run over by the mini bikes heading to the track. They need to slow the oval track speeds down, to many drivers out driving their talents. Did you see the Chevelle spin out on the track?
  7. jaws

    Car show super surprise.

    yellow 4spd car.
  8. jaws

    Car show super surprise.

    I was there also, saw you driving around but never crossed paths. Buddy was running his big block Dart GTS in the drags. I was there in my DeSoto.
  9. jaws

    Is anyone going to the Mopars at Thunder Mountain Denver Sunday, Aug 20th?

    Flyer says no swap meet, but 68-70 will work.
  10. jaws

    Are any of you going to the swap meet this weekend at Bandimere?

    I will be there also, Randy is only doing one this year.
  11. jaws

    Bandimere Speedway in Denver is closing.

    The county has had a bullseye on their back for a long time. John said they are looking for a place to move to, but don't see it happening. Too bad I have 30 years of racing memories there. 65 years.
  12. jaws

    Seat and Steering Sunday

  13. jaws

    Front End FRIDAY!!!

  14. jaws


    Dogs starting to crash after Patty gave them some turkey for dinner.
  15. jaws

    Show Your Car Hauler

    Mine, splits between car and farm duty.
  16. jaws

    A Original 1965 Plymouth Satellite race car NOT MINE

    A 12 second et up here is a 11 second et at sea level. Looks like the car is street driven as it has plates on it.
  17. jaws

    Do you have a game camera?

    Deer is all we usually get out here along with an occasional Coyote.
  18. jaws


    Got back from a trip to the hills with the kids. Had to get away from the heat, low 70s up there today.
  19. jaws

    Wheel Wednesday

    Bogarts on my old Dart
  20. jaws


    Sophie is the same way with a cheeseburger, but she can spit out the pickle every time.