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    Front Brake Issue

    You are down to two possible problems as I see it. To which you have proved to yourself! If you are a person that likes to put "vice grips" on brakes hoses - to stop leaks while installing other parts, which does work some of the time, BUT IS NOT RECOMMENDED, 1) it can crush the braided part of...
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    Front disk brake kit options

    Actually easier to find; this is how they titled it = Disc-O-Tech. I believe it was three installments, but not sure. When i did mine I use the smalle 10.75 rotors vs 11.0 ones
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    Front disk brake kit options

    ANY 73-76 A body frt Disc systen will fit on your B-Body. The Spindles out are all you need. The ball joint "perches are the same angles, so your alignment settings won't even change. And when ya need calipers,brake hoses,bearings,seals that are easy enough to get, at any local parts place even...
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    Disc Upgrade

    I did what Terzmo did but also installed a Wilwood adjustable proportioning valve and dual bowl master. Valve makes a big difference on stopping power going to where (frt-rear), when ya need it. 66 and older almost require it, along with the master. As they came single bowl. I have manual...
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    Front and rear flexible brake hoses, recommendations?

    Good old NAPA usually has that kind of basic "stuff" otherwise there are the speciallity co.'s Roberts,PlyDo,etc. a list of those companys can be found in Hemmings. Jerry