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  1. WP29440SE

    Antifreeze capacity for 383 HP w/ 22" radiator

    I was just going to say.. I fill it until it's full..
  2. WP29440SE


    the bolt holes for the pulley could be bitched up , the pulley mount and shaft on the pump could be bent or worn out. recommendation: thoroughly inspect pulley mounting holes and check for run-out . same for the pump shaft. a new water pump may cure it .
  3. WP29440SE

    68 RR Needs Elect Pusher Fan

    I wasn't trying to be rude about it, just in my opinion , popping the hood and seeing the electric fan right there in front would immediately take away from the stock look. I agree the clutch fan may be a problem with the 22" radiator. for comparison sake, I use a clutch fan , with a small block...
  4. WP29440SE

    68 RR Needs Elect Pusher Fan

    kind of a contradiction wanting to keep it stock appearing and uncluttered , then wanting to add hideous looking electric fans, that would completely take the stock look out of it. a factory shroud is the only way to go
  5. WP29440SE

    Wonder Fluid or Snake Oil?

    speaking from real world experience , and on more than one occasion , that blown out head gasket fix it **** DOES work. as for yours ? no clue
  6. WP29440SE

    Green coolant changes to orange color

    somewhere you have rust, whether residual from inside the block or in the radiator.
  7. WP29440SE

    Who Runs a fixed fan?

    I am using a small block 2 core radiator 180* thermostat , shroud , fixed 7 blade , fan is about 1 1/2" away from the radiator and my 440 has never seen 200*
  8. WP29440SE

    T-stat housing upgrade

    wow, I will keep my thoughts to myself ..... ive never had a problem sealing any factory housing ... and I thought my 10 dollar chrome one was pushing it lol
  9. WP29440SE

    LA 318cui timingcovers?

    you are correct. i believe the timing marks are also in a different spot, but not positive. you will have to have the correct lower radiator outlet or fab a hose running to the other side.