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  1. A4GTX

    Is this original rear glass “clear” or “tinted”?

    Tinted glass will have “TINT” etched into the glass, by the pentastar and date code.
  2. A4GTX

    69 GTX trunk lid “Plymouth” nameplate location

    Excellent! Thank you so much! So many people say “why does your green car have a blue interior”. Lol
  3. A4GTX

    69 GTX trunk lid “Plymouth” nameplate location

    Does anybody have measurements for the placement of holes on the decklid for the “Plymouth” logo on 1969 GTX?
  4. A4GTX

    Patch panel - what next?

    Be patient and get them all! We’ve been there.
  5. A4GTX

    Patch panel - what next?

    While you’re welding on the driver’s side, weld up the holes for that pentastar, on the fender. It doesn’t belong there. Good job, so far! If you leave any holes, they’ll be bubbles in a year or so. Unless you never get it wet!
  6. A4GTX

    69 GTX side trim clips

    Has anyone ever definitively found out which four (per side) lower side trim holes get the screw-in clips with the acorn nuts, on ‘69 GTX? I know one is at the rear of the door and one is at the front of the rear wheelwell. I know that they don’t get used at the rear of the fender, front of the...