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  1. 66-67-Belvedere

    Gonna replace transmission pan gasket but have some questions..

    These work well with no sealers: Mopar 4295875AC Transmission Pan Gasket Mopar 02464324AC Transmission Pan Gasket Available from the dealer, Amazon, and eBay. The Mr. Gasket transmission pan gaskets also look good but I have not used them myself. Mr. Gasket: 51C01MRG & 51C02MRG. Mr. Gasket...
  2. 66-67-Belvedere

    What Carb do I need

    I just rebuilt a Carver BBD and the Berruman cleaner did a nice job of cleaning off all of the grime. Gunk brand is an alternate. Local auto parts stores and Amazon Berryman 0996 Chem-Dip Carburetor, 0.75 Gallon Gunk CC3K Carburetor & Parts Cleaner with Drip Basket - 96 fl. oz.
  3. 66-67-Belvedere

    What Carb do I need

    Holler double pumpers are good for the track but not for the street as they tend to dump excessive fuel which can wash oil from the pistons and contaminate the oil. Richard Ehrenberg from Mopar Action has documented this over the years. Holley carbs with vacuum-secondaries are good. See the...
  4. 66-67-Belvedere

    Looking for my 1st 1967 Belvedere II

    1967 Belvedere II 2-door hardtop VIN RH23F7710948 H4A Spring Special Edition BB1 Bright Blue Poly Black vinyl roof 318-2V Automatic transmission Sold from the family outside of Philadelphia in the late 1970's.
  5. 66-67-Belvedere

    742 versus 489?

    The Mopar factory used a solid sleeve but the aftermarket makes a crush sleeve. If you have the '742 professionally rebuilt, insist on the solid sleeve. I specified the solid sleeve and as I reviewed the build before they shipped it back, I asked which sleeve was used, they said crush so I had...
  6. 66-67-Belvedere

    Best Electronic Ignition?

    The MSD Digital 6-Plus is a fantastic ignition. I changed from a Mopar Performance electronic system and the idle smoothed out and the acrid exhaust smell went away on a well tuned 361-4V. MSD does not use the ballast resistor so I gutted a vintage one with the metal bracket and added a 10 gauge...
  7. 66-67-Belvedere

    Radiator support blackout

    The rules are simple, blackout is applied for all body colors except for the dark colors so that the body color does not show through the grill. It was applied by someone standing below the car in a pit so the over spray pattern is upwards. Note that it was applied with little care so it is not...
  8. 66-67-Belvedere

    Vac advance debate!!

    A good distributor reference is in this month's Mopar Action, December 2020, pages 80-87. Upgrade to a Mopar Performance Electronic Distributor Kit P3690426 Electronic Conversion Kit, Small Block. OEM is best if you can find one of these kits. For the record, the vacuum advance is required...
  9. 66-67-Belvedere

    Intermittent misfire

    The ECU must be grounded.
  10. 66-67-Belvedere

    Factory style Mopar Battery, keep it or have it taken away?

    I hollowed out a dead factory reproduction battery from the bottom and I use it for shown like Carlisle. It was messy, so wear PPE to avoid exposure to Lead. Work outdoors. I heavy coated what remained with clear paint to encapsulate the remaining Lead hazards. The fake battery is also a great...
  11. 66-67-Belvedere

    FOR SALE 1967 Belvedere I

    For sale, rough, rusty condition, complete car near Allentown, PA 1967 Belvedere I, 4-door sedan, 225, 3-speed, KK1 Turquoise Metallic, L1T Tan Interior Project with rust, needs restoring Have have spare front inner fenders and frame rails. I would like to keep the trunk lid. Make offers, as is...