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  1. Sparky Anderson

    Is a Transmission Cooler Necessary

    If you don't know the stall of your converter, it's a very good idea to run a cooler, besides it may extend the life of your transmission. If your car is running hot, you need to further investgate, is your rad in good shape, are your front brakes dragging if calipers instead of brake drums. I...
  2. Sparky Anderson

    Comp cams any good?

    This is a scary topic since seeing so many failures. I have an comp cam extreme energy EX 274 with flat tappet purchased 20 years ago and still working great. I wouldn't change it for anything new, unless it was new old stock. Good luck!
  3. Sparky Anderson

    1979 Dodge Magnum 360-727 torqueflite squeaking in R,D,2,1

    Just reading all the comments, everyone of them may be right, write a list and check it all, also check the flex plate bolts to make sure something is not coming loose, very common if no lockite on the bolts. It wouldn't hurt to do a band adjustment on the transmission also. Great videos on...
  4. Sparky Anderson

    8.25 upgrade

    On a final note, make sure your ring gear is the same thickness as the original or u will have to get the center pin machined so axles will fit with c clips. In addition if u buy new should have a diagram showing how much to machine off, very important for machine shop. If it's a thicker ring...
  5. Sparky Anderson

    8.25 upgrade

    Your welcome.
  6. Sparky Anderson

    8.25 upgrade

    I have the same exact car n year, yes you can upgrade to a limited slip and upgrade to a 3.55. I have done it, but stepped up to a 4.30 gear set with limited slip. I run a 400 hp 340 and use it for drag racing and have not ever had a failure. In addition I did all the work myself, only thing is...
  7. Sparky Anderson

    Tranny case cracked

    Everyone may be correct, but also your transmission may of been damaged from handling before installing, with a hairline Crack and might of just let go finally. It has happened to me, I replaced the tail housing in car 10 years ago and still working great.
  8. Sparky Anderson

    Disaster - Major Fuel Tank Issue

    Dave6T4 is absolutely correct, I also bought a tank and sender From Rock Auto, for around the same price, money well spent. In addition I have repaired the original tank using an Eastwood kit to reseal the inside of tank just for a backup now.
  9. Sparky Anderson

    1973 Sebring “plus?” Need help determining if I should sell this or restore it? Value as is?

    Nice car, I own a 73 rr and love it since I bought mine in 1981 and still own it to this very day. Another plus with the 73/74 B body's is the insulated mounts on the k frame, these cars drive better, my buddy has a 71 and made that comment to me after driving mine. Also for the record, I do...
  10. Sparky Anderson

    1973 Sebring “plus?” Need help determining if I should sell this or restore it? Value as is?

    Make it a "Ratty Satty" and have fun with it, get it sea worthy. Who knows once you get it running and driving you may or may not take the next step, if not it will make it easier to sell, since it would be a running and driving car.
  11. Sparky Anderson

    Reply to update 'RT stripes' by 'Sparky Anderson' on item '68 Charger RT'

    Awesome work, congratulations looking good.
  12. Sparky Anderson

    Moog K772 Upper Ball Joints - Better Check Before Installing

    I guess you can't take it when you don't know, go to even rockauto and check for yourself, they look the same but are not. Happy New Year to you and your family all the best for 2024.
  13. Sparky Anderson

    Moog K772 Upper Ball Joints - Better Check Before Installing

    No they are not, 73 and up both upper and lower screw into the control arm. Do your homework! If you look at them side by side they look identical.
  14. Sparky Anderson

    Moog K772 Upper Ball Joints - Better Check Before Installing

    I bought those same ball joints and had no issues at all. The only thing that might be wrong is they could be lower ball joint, which are threaded into lower control arm. They could of packaged them wrong as upper part #
  15. Sparky Anderson


    Well he may not be giving all the info. Don't want to steer him in the wrong direction. That guy I am referring to works on alot if different mopars, has more experience than you think. Happy New Year to you and your family and all the best in 2024.
  16. Sparky Anderson


    Go to YouTube to Dead Dodge Garage and describe your problem to Jamie, he will point you in the right direction!
  17. Sparky Anderson

    What are your favorite YouTube car shows?

    I enjoy watching YouTube: here's my list. Jamie on Dead Dodge Garage, Uncle Tony, Nick' Garage, Mopar Joe, Scott's Speed shop and more of a Chevy guy Dan on DD Speed Shop, puts out a ton of content that applies to all makes. Finally Dennis Collins, Coffee Walk. Everyone of them are car people!
  18. Sparky Anderson

    Gonna need some help!

    I have a 73, and my proportioning valve is mounted on the firewall in the engine bay, in addition that's a later master cylinder used on late 70's and 80's mopars. All so make sure you have the right master cylinder, they are different for manual and power brakes. Someone did changes that may...
  19. Sparky Anderson

    Gonna need some help!

    Now that's what I call a six pack, priceless.
  20. Sparky Anderson

    340 stock cam question

    Still check your parts before running, if not sure check out Mopar Joe on YouTube he got a lot of good info.