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  1. A4GTX

    Surprised by the final hammer price for this 66 Hemi Charger on BAT

    The ad definitely states that it’s a real Hemi car but not until the very end. It never claims that it’s the original engine, though.
  2. A4GTX

    Is This A Mopar Switch?

    Rear defrost switch would not be labeled “TOP”. Interesting that they moved the convert top switch location; my ‘68 Coronet R/T convertible with Rallye dash had the top switch next to the wiper switch.
  3. A4GTX

    Just a little rant and opinion

    It is properly one word. It’s what’s called a compound word. We learned about them in third grade. But I’m old, lol. Nowadays, autocorrect changes almost all compound words to two words. One of my biggest pet peeves is the separation of “cannot”.
  4. A4GTX

    black thumb buttons

    I should have mentioned that my ‘69 convertible GTX (obviously STL build) is very late (June ‘69) and has chrome buttons (I’m the second owner and bought it in early ‘78). Looks like it’s a year-based thing and obviously would depend on the plant for phaseout. I no longer have my ‘68 R/T...
  5. A4GTX

    black thumb buttons

    Well, I said that I’d never owned one. But now I’ve heard of one! A ‘68?
  6. A4GTX

    black thumb buttons

    I’ve logged tens of thousands of miles with each. In the 50-80 range, it’s tough to tell what your speed is, with the early version- those zeroes are really crammed in there! Of course, back in the day we used to drink and drive… I do prefer the cleaner look of the later version, in general.
  7. A4GTX

    black thumb buttons

    In my experience, only very early ‘68s had the billion zero speedo. They are a PITA to read, at speed. Ma Mopar ditched them early. Black buttons seem to be plant dependent. I’ve never owned a St. Louis car with black buttons. No ‘66-‘67 I’ve ever seen had black buttons.
  8. A4GTX

    Where Are the 361 Owners?

    I added the power discs all Mopar stuff. It was a manual brake car with p/s, a/c, full tinted glass and no windshield washers, from the factory. The 383 four barrel intake, carb and dual-snorkel were on it when I bought it, along with dual exhaust, which I redid. 86K miles, from Kansas. It’s a...
  9. A4GTX

    Should Gas Tank Straps have continuity with tank? HELP!

    I spent hours doing that on a C body repro sender. I finally got it accurate at both ends but it’s a lot of trial and error! Fill the tank, empty the tank, repeat, repeat…
  10. A4GTX

    Where Are the 361 Owners?

    My ‘64 is a factory 361.
  11. A4GTX

    What is it worth - 1969 Super Bee

    This trunk has obviously been patched. It’s a pack of lies. Run away!
  12. A4GTX

    Cat Whiskers

    Has anybody recently bought cat whiskers for a 69-70 Plymouth B body convertible? I’m hoping for feedback on whether or not accurate reproductions are available. Thanks!