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  1. Darius

    09 Challenger R/T needs tires

    Dennis, mine all are 245 45. so you get an idea of that width and sidewall ht
  2. Darius

    Largest Diameter Front Tires? - 70 Plymouth B-body

    Please don't be 'that guy' with 18" wheels and 11" drums! :rolleyes: Yes, nothing dumber looking than huge *** rims with silver dollar sized discs!
  3. Darius

    Largest Diameter Front Tires? - 70 Plymouth B-body

    Mine are 26.5 and are 8.5 wide. My rub was solved via an adjustment to where the fender stiffening/support bar attaches to the bumper support bracket.
  4. Darius

    "B" Bodies With 17" Wheels.........Post Your Photos

    Probably already seen this as I am sure I responded to another similar thread.
  5. Darius

    Good tire size to use on 17 x 8 wheels for early B-body?

    I am running 225/55/r17 BFG Sport Comps same size all around I did nothing to the stock wheel well areas. I do have an AlterKtion though and the clearance is VERY close on some turns , at the frontmost lower fender opening right near the brace rod.
  6. Darius

    Tire selection question

    I sent my GTX to the painter this week so I am making a decision on tires while I wait for it to be squirted. 70 GTX stock wheel wells. 5,7 HEMI, Alterktion in front and 4 link on the rear. I have the disc brakes and calipers from an 07 Charger on at 4 wheels. I MUST use 17" wheels to clear the...