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  1. Darius

    RH mirror location

    I just today sent this pic to kiwi to answer the same question,clears wing window
  2. Darius

    GYC projects

    It makes kidney stones real good as well! DAMHIK!!!!!!!!
  3. Darius

    Pro Flo 4. Edelbrock

    Sure will be nice to not have to worry about him keeping up now. Why do you think all the pics he posts of my car are looking out his rear window? :lol:
  4. Darius

    1970 B Body Power Window Setup $$??

    I have the set Tim does in my 70GTX and they were easy to install and work great.Biggest pain was just getting the window tracks lined up so the slide smoothest, which is a hassle power actuators or not.
  5. Darius

    Pro Flo 4. Edelbrock

    Yes, I always let my pump run for a few seconds before cranking. It will start if I just turn the key all the way but it just doesn't "feel right" when I do that.
  6. Darius

    Pro Flo 4. Edelbrock

    Unfortunately ,I agree, it does look like that is what happened. What I don't understand is the first pic looks like it needed clearance ABOVE the opening. The cut is on the bottom. Unless they had the tank positioned to try to show clearance issue and that was as close as they could get it.
  7. Darius

    Pro Flo 4. Edelbrock

    Just remember, EVERYTHING is bolt on............AFTER you **** with it enough!!!
  8. Darius

    You think changing your crankshaft is a big job...

    I would like to see JUST the starter motor for that thing!
  9. Darius

    Pro Flo 4. Edelbrock

    Yeah, We should make better time on our road trips now you will only have to stop for fuel when I do.:lol:
  10. Darius

    Pro Flo 4. Edelbrock

    That is correct. There isn't room for a tool box let alone an extra carb!
  11. Darius

    Pro Flo 4. Edelbrock

    Based on what the Edelbrock dude and the Holley dude said in Reno, I think either the Edelbrock system is the most well thought out and engineered system, or, the Holley sales guy needs some serious product training! That tank got pretty expensive!! Anxiously awaiting this modification! I know I...
  12. Darius

    What's your car weigh?....

    I will let you all know next week after I weigh it at Willow Springs. There is supposed to be a set of scales there this time. 70GTX, 5.7 all stock, NAG1 transmission, 8 3/4 rear 17" Torque Thrusts, 07 Charger dash/console, stock rear seats, Corbeau buckets.
  13. Darius

    Which car wash soap and wax?

    Use dish soap ONLY if you are going to strip all the wax and road grime/grease so you can clay bar it and re-apply a good wax or polish type product. I use Zaino products and they are great. Google Zaino
  14. Darius

    Collision damage: How do they get these cars straight again?

    I don't know if you saw the pics of how far down I had the GTX but I replaced the entire front clip including the top of the cowl with the vent slots. I had what it sounds like you have, that entire clip with the frame rails and inner fenders and radiator support assembly. I had the car on...
  15. Darius

    7o gtx on ebay

    It looks complete....a complete pile of junk! Do as others have suggested, buy one done! You will have over $50 k in this car before you even realize it and then you will need another $20k+ to finish it!! Been there done that on one that was in (or looked like it) WAYYYYYY better shape than...
  16. Darius

    71-74 3 speed wiper switch wiring question

    Hey guys. I have already burnt one switch up trying so I give up and am asking for help. This is a switch for a 71-74 B Body 3 speed wiper switch. I am trying to match the correct lead from the wiper motor to the correct blade on the switch. The diagram is showing the raised letters on the...
  17. Darius

    What do you think Graveyard cars charges

    My guess??? Minimum $100 per hour shop time with NO guaranteed maximum PLUS all materials cost plus 40% minimum. Might issue a "ballpark" based on an initial evaluation with disclaimers for "unseen" issues exposed upon disassembly. That is a guess having worked in a shop that was building custom...
  18. Darius

    HID Headlight swap questions

    Thanks you guys!
  19. Darius

    HID Headlight swap questions

    I want to install HID lamps in my 70 GTX. The power supply side of this swap is not so big an issue, it seems pretty straight forward what that would require. My question is, has anyone done this and if so where did you buy the kit. I see kits but none of what I have found have the "housing"...
  20. Darius

    Where are the Pro Touring cars at???

    Look at these, then read what is on this link! \ http://www.forbbodiesonly.com/moparforum/showthread.php?100620-The-meaning-of-reason-for-Pro-Touring - - - Updated - - - Does the OP have any more questions????