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  1. RT68440

    Heartbreaking News About My Charger

    Yep, I bought fuel injection hose for all of the rubber connections for the Charger...cheap insurance
  2. RT68440

    Heartbreaking News About My Charger

    So sorry to hear that, but glad everyone is ok
  3. RT68440

    Should i remove my fender tag?

    I'm going to keep my original fender tag on the Charger after the restoration, but I bought pan head machine screws that look just like the original screws from the top but they will have nylock nuts underneath so they cant be popped out with a screwdriver
  4. RT68440

    Installing engine from bottom with headers

    Thanks for the pics. I don't have a lift so I'll be doing mine the same way that you did yours.
  5. RT68440

    Installing engine from bottom with headers

    Thanks for the replies. I always thought that it wasn't an issue but I watched the episode of nicks garage where they installed the 440 in the 69 Charger 500 from underneath and had to pull the passenger side header...I don't think they were TTIs but it had me doubting things
  6. RT68440

    Installing engine from bottom with headers

    Hey guys, when the time comes, I’m going to be installing the engine into my ‘68 Charger from the bottom. Engine setup is a 440/727 with TTI headers. Can the engine be installed with the headers on or do I have to put them in afterwards? Thanks
  7. RT68440

    Caswell home plating kits

    I bought the Caswell copy cad kit but never used it. I got a little overwhelmed on trying to figure out how to measure the size of little nuts and bolts, clips, etc to get the right amount of annode material in the solution and have it come out right. I do my own parkerizing but that's a lot...
  8. RT68440

    Build Date

    That may mean October 15th
  9. RT68440

    suspension paint

    This is the stuff. I believe the part number is 1307:
  10. RT68440

    suspension paint

    So I did puff can paints on my lower control arms. I blasted them, painted the entire thing with POR 15 stainless steel paint which I got at the local parts store, and then masked and hit them with the Krylon battery protectant. I ran the battery protectant to mimic being dipped in cosmoline
  11. RT68440

    Correct red for RT emblems please

    I just stripped and repainted my new grill emblems for my 68 Charger. They looked hand painted and uneven and the black on the emblems was shiny instead of satin. I soaked the emblems in thinner, masked off the RT and then sprayed both emblems with semi gloss black. I wiped the faces of the...
  12. RT68440

    68 Charger Tail Lights

    There is a right and a left side tail light assembly...maybe they are swapped.
  13. RT68440

    molding clips

    I believe these are what you are talking about. They hook on to the ends of the lower molding and then fasten to the sheet metal with a screw in the door jamb:
  14. RT68440

    Buying a B Body from a private seller - Lets's hear your stories!

    We bought out '68 Charger in 1998. The guy was asking 9K for it. We test drove the car 2 different times and made sure it was matching numbers as stated. My dad told him he liked the car very much and asked him if he was willing to go to 8K, rather than saying the car wasn't worth 9 or he's not...