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  1. Darius

    Interior LED courtesy/dome light solution

    Well, I still have not decided what to do about my headlights but I did find a solution for the dome light. I went surfing and found in the "marine products" arena a 4" round LED fixture 12 v made for boats that fits exactly and looks like it has always been a part of the car.......until it...
  2. Darius

    HID headlight rehash

    I know we discussed this some time back and I actually bought a system and installed it, however, I am not happy with it. The high beams don't work and the low beams take too much time to come full bright. I even got a new relay from the source and it is crap. So, has anyone done this recently...
  3. Darius

    Define-Pro Touring and Resto Mod

    I am at Fall Fling in Van Nuys and a guy comes by admiring my car. In our discussion he says Pro Touring is a setup more leaning toward street legal race type build and my car is more simply Resto mod in that I have restored it and modified it. My perspective is that my build represents Pro...
  4. Darius


    Had the GTX out yesterday to a private cars and coffee. Afterward, the host asked if I would take he and his son for a ride.......apps 100 miles later we got back! What an awesome cruising machine this car turned out to be. I have never had that much weight in it ( a 4th) person went as well...
  5. Darius

    Suspension noise/clunking

    As many of you know,I have an alterktion and street lynx 4 bar under my GTX (5.7/NAG1) While I enjoy driving it hard and it handles well, I am really annoyed at how "clunky" it sounds. I want to say it sounds like the shocks completely extend, then SLAM home when I go over even the slightest...
  6. Darius

    Junk urethane bushings

    As many of you know, I have a 4 link set up under my GTX. The urethane bushings that came with the set up are GARBAGE!! Every one of them are twisted fractured pieces of garbage, the car sounds like it is going to fall apart when I drive down the street. Does anyone know of a quality busing that...
  7. Darius

    The meaning of reason for...Pro Touring

    Many of you have followed my build from the beginning and are well aware of the "issues" I have had. Well, today I FINALLY got to drive the thing with NO worries! 475 miles that had freeway, winding country roads, winding twists thru the hills, flat and straight for miles DESERTED country...
  8. Darius

    AlterKtion ball joint issue

    This is NOT a slam on RMS!!! Just want to make sure you all know I am not on any kind of rant here. Has anyone ever seen this happen?? I KNOW I tightened this down because I distinctly remember asking my buddy if he had a special socket or something I could use to do so. The car drove...
  9. Darius

    EFI Fuel pumps

    When I built my car I bought a B Body fuel tank from XV Motorsports that was set up with a pump in the tank. The piece of **** has failed already and I don't even have 2000 miles on it!! (Wonder why they went tango uniform??) Any way, just looking for suggestions based on experience from anyone...
  10. Darius

    Alterktion/4-link combo

    I have this combo on my GTX along with QA-1 adjustable shocks. I also have had an entire Hotchkis "TVS" on my 69 Dart GTS. I was asked about the difference this week at HAN and I told the guy I honestly think the RMS system is best for a pro-touring type build. The Hotchkiss, on the other hand...
  11. Darius

    B Body stiffening

    I thought you all might be interested in seeing this. I installed the inner fender component of XV's stiffening system on Thursday. The lower radiator piece was welded in when we had the whole front clip off the car. It really made a difference just with the car sitting on the rotisserie...