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  1. turbine68rt

    For Sale *Not Mine* 70 Super Bee 6 Pack Barn Find $11k MD

    1970 Dodge Super Bee V Code - auto parts - by owner - vehicle...
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    Happy Birthday Ghostrider 67

    :bday: :bday::drinks::drinks::drinks::usflag::usflag:
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    Without saying your age,Say something a young person wouldn’t understand

    Manual feed pinball machine 1 selection 10c--3 selections 25c High Fidelity Pull knob jamming on Cigarette machine Coke bottle jamming trying to pull it out Manual stamp machine Mechanical cash register Candy for 1 cent
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    For Sale *Not Mine* 69 Charger $58.5k VA

    1969 Dodge Charger - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle automotive...
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    For Sale *Not Mine* 68 Charger/69 Super Bee 26k Ea. VA

    You should check out the Charger to see how rough it really is.
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    For Sale *Not Mine* 68 Charger/69 Super Bee 26k Ea. VA

    Pair of classic mopars 68/69 - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle...
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    FOR SALE 71-74 B-Body Black Dash Pad & A/C Ducts

    Restored black dash pad for 71-74 Charger, GTX, Satellite, RR. This is an all new pad using an oem steel core. Never installed since I received it. Included is a nice used a/c woodgrain panel, plastic ducting, driver's side vent, and speaker grille panel. The grille panel could use a fresh coat...
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    Name something that you never should have bought.

    Any food with MSG. 30 years of problems til I figured it out. FDA approved.
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    For Sale *Not Mine* 66 Coronet 361 4Spd $14.5k Pittsburgh

    classic car - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle automotive sale
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    For Sale *Not Mine* 66 Satellite 2dr Hdtp $15k NY

    1966 Plymouth Satellite -2 door Hardtop - cars & trucks - by owner -...
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    New fuel tank and pad

    It's the same pic including the black dog.