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  1. 1967coronet

    Electric muscle repair .

    I have been dealing with some shoulder muscle problems, PT therapist thinks I should get a home electric muscle therapy unit. Any of you guys have one ? Are they a waste of money or do they help ?
  2. 1967coronet

    Smells like

    Apple pie in the kitchen :thumbsup:
  3. 1967coronet

    Just in time for Halloween

    We pulled in the drive last night and whoo. do we hear ? My wife spotted it (;
  4. 1967coronet

    Sitting in ICU with my brother.

    Looks like he is going to be ok. My little brother only 56 woke his girl friend up about 4 am said he felt bad, Chest and left arm pain plus sweating. He called 911 , 35 min. Ride to Des Moines , 1 Stent and 1 heart attack later seems he will be ok. Scary ****. He was/ is in good shape ...
  5. 1967coronet

    Old Dodge bottle.

    Guy I know stopped by the shop Thursday. He tells me he was in a junk store and seen this old Dodge bottle. He said I know you guys like Mopars so I gave a couple bucks for it. Here you go its yours. After thanking him I used some super clean and washed it out. You could tell its pretty old...
  6. 1967coronet

    CCR on netflix

    Watching Creedence on Net Flix, has their concert a Royal Albert Hall plus more. Good tunes , and documentary of the band.
  7. 1967coronet

    Earnie Shavers will not be down.

    Dead at 78 Earnie Shavers, regarded as one of the hardest punchers in boxing history, dies at 78
  8. 1967coronet

    8 track tapes

    This past weekend we hauled some clothes in to donate to the DAV store. While there i got to looking around. Found a basket of 8 track tapes, The Animals , Beach Boys, ect. I left them since I have no use for them but once home got to thinking I see other guys cars at shows with a 8 track...
  9. 1967coronet

    SOLD 1967 2dr. Coronet 440 bench seat.

    I have a 67 Coronet 440 split back bench seat for sale. Recovered with black Legendary covers a few years ago. No holes or tears, no damage. Covers are in great shape. Foam is original but good condition, all springs were good when recoverd. Complete with hinge trims and working slides, cross...
  10. 1967coronet

    Picked up another hood for my 67

    This one is rock solid and has a nice well built scoop. Going to unbolt the scoop and strip the hood this weekend. Buddy of mine had it 7 miles away. :drinks:
  11. 1967coronet

    Shipping a bench seat.

    Have any if you guys shipped a bench seat ? I'm going to ship one before long but did not know if fastenall or truck freight would be best. Its complete with a very nice legendary upholstery set on it so I need to keep it nice and zero damage. I had thought of shipping the backs together then...
  12. 1967coronet

    Watched the movie Sand Lot yesterday.

    I had forgot how funny that movie is. laughed till I had tears in my eyes. It is a classic.
  13. 1967coronet

    Happy Birthday America !

    Surprised I had not seen a 4th of July post yet. So happy birthday America. I hope everyone has a nice and safe 4th with family and friends.
  14. 1967coronet

    Des Moines 2022 Good Guys

    Just a few pics, also picked up a new wall poster. couple showers Fri. , Sat was great weather. Close to 5,000 registered cars, Still going on today but my knee said no. Lol.
  15. 1967coronet

    Good Guys Heartland Nats. July 1st - 3rd

    1967coronet added a new event: Good Guys Heartland Nats. July 1st - 3rd Read more about this event...
  16. 1967coronet

    Our shop turns 50 tomarrow

    My step-dad opened the doors in the 1st week of June 1972. (RIP and thank you Tom. ) Our mom still runs the office at 86, my step brother and me do the body work. We set up tables today and are having a customer appreciation day tomarrow. Burgers and dogs , and drinks. At 67 and 64 we are...
  17. 1967coronet

    Friend lost 3 classics and his shop to fire.

    Good friends of mine and my wife had a very bad shop fire this past Tuesday night. They were awakened by a passing couple who beat on their door to warn them. These were all finished beautiful cars. 1936 ford convert, 1937 ford coupe , and a 1970 ss 396 chevelle convert. Plus all of his...
  18. 1967coronet

    Arrow head hunting ?

    I have been watching a few Utube shows of guys hunting Indian artifacts. Its a part time hobby for me and my wife. Good exercise also. These guys on utube seem to find them every third Most days I find zero. Then at times a find one or two. Plowed fields near rivers and rocky sand...
  19. 1967coronet

    Who is our oldest active member ?

    I seen a post today were a member is 82. That got me thinking , It will be interesting to find out.. if your 82 or more post it up or if you guys know a member on here ask him to let us know if he is past 82.
  20. 1967coronet

    Funny moment at my pre op physical today

    It's been a week , double root canal yesterday, all fine ,no infection ect. Anyhow I'm at my regular Drs office today for a pre op physical. Knee repair by arthroscopic on this fri. So they had done most of it but still needed to ekg me, same nurse I deal with most times I'm there has got all...