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  1. wahya

    Coming up on 40 years

    Vietnam Veterans Memorial
  2. wahya

    Air supply

    Went on a little road trip yesterday with a friend. I happened to notice that my friend’s dash showed low air pressure on his right front tire. We were about to get on the interstate, so we pulled into a gas station to put some air in. Mind you that a few months ago, I needed air in a tire on...
  3. wahya

    Do it while you can
  4. wahya

    Together for fifty years

    Almost as long as my wife and I have been together. First picture is the morning after taking delivery, a little frost on the cars down here. Second is at local car show.
  5. wahya

    All mopar show at the vineyard

    Nice turnout on Sunday. Beautiful day.
  6. wahya

    SOLD Lca pivot shafts 68-72

    forgot I had these. $90 pst shafts that were installed in a body arms that I bought from member here. I bought another pair and installed them in my old lca's before removing these. I put a total of about 7 miles on these (to alignment shop and back). Couple of small marks from removing...
  7. wahya

    Best looking patrol cars 2021

    I’m partial to the FHP one.
  8. wahya

    SOLD Torsion bar removal tool

    Mancini tool new, never used it $35.00 shipped to lower 48.
  9. wahya

    Getting hit again Slammed a couple of weeks ago and now a cat 5 near the same place in Nicaragua.
  10. wahya

    WTB Driver armrest needed blue

    for my 71 Satellite, left (driver)side armrest in blue. Thanks
  11. wahya

    FOR SALE Lower control arm pivot shafts

    Almost new pst pivot shafts for 62-72 b and some e bodies. Paid 90 for the pair, had them installed and they went into wrong arms. Rebuilt my old arms with new shafts before removing these. Shaft have a few small tool marks from bushing shell removal. $45.00 plus ship from 32958
  12. wahya

    SOLD Lower control arms A body (73 up)

    I bought these arms a few months ago advertised as B body arms. Discovered later that they are actually for a bodies. Asking $150.00
  13. wahya

    Another iconic building

    Heard about this on FB this morning. I remember passing by this place many times, dating back to the 50's. Long before Florida's Turnpike was built very close to Yeehaw, my dad drove us up to Ohio using US 441 from south Florida almost every summer. There use to be a gas station across the...
  14. wahya


    So, I've been waiting for a week to get a torsion bar removal tool shipped from Michigan to Florida. Checked usps tracking yesterday and it said in transit. Didn't come today, so I checked again. It arrived at distribution center in Guam, on its way to destination (to who knows where).
  15. wahya

    FOUND ball joint assembly mounting bolt

    Looking for a bolt and castle nut that attach the steering arm ball joint assembly to the brake assembly mounting plate. Looks like somebody smacked this one a few times and I had to cut the nut off. Thanks. (71 Sat) (3" long x5/8)
  16. wahya

    Now what

    I bought lower control arms and had bushings and new pivot shafts pressed in, before having the old stuff removed. I also got upper control arms from pst. I told the alignment guy that the ride height was not set yet. He called me out to the shop area and explained that with both cam bolts out...
  17. wahya

    FOR SALE 71 window tracks and regulators/quarter windows

    Front (door) window tracks (one piece not shown is currently with window, but included $75. Rear quarter windows with track and regulators $50 each left quarter track or 4 regulators $25 each (from Satellite)
  18. wahya

    SOLD 1971-72 Satellite hood

    Great shape, except the hood pins were put in wrong place,no rust, hood was undercoated when new. Help me get it out of garage and price is $50.00 Located in central Florida.
  19. wahya

    FOR SALE 71 Satellite dash frame

    Removed from SSP. Very nice condition. For local pick up, central Florida $75.