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  1. J

    Who is NOT eating turkey on Thanksgiving?

    Tex-Mex, Steaming pork tamales.
  2. J

    I think this guy has an interesting take on future collectible cars. It's not good.

    I agree, it’s nice when you can decide which of ## of classics you / we own and will drive because we can. I always say I need to open a chiropractic clinic for the wrenched necks as I/we cruise past.
  3. J

    California Car Covers THINK TWICE before you buy.

    Seal skin covers are junk too
  4. J

    What was the first movie you ever saw . . .

    The first I can remember was the incredible Mr, limpet. I also Remember going to the drive in with dad to see Winning.
  5. J

    What do you keep in your car at all times?

    Zip ties, actually helped a couple hold the front fascia on their Honda at a rest stop. On my 87 stang I once used rubber bands to run the water pump when the serpentine belt went at 2am, got me home. I never leave home without jumper cables, you never know.
  6. J

    I went to a car show and…….

    They go for 80k on BaT.
  7. J

    The Argument for More Roundabouts

    Navigate = Pilot term. Smarter than the average bear.
  8. J

    The Argument for More Roundabouts

    I navigated my first roundabout in Tulsa OK 1981, Coming up on It I said WTF. Since then driven thru hundreds all over the world. They’re great to keep it moving. Just like left turn yellow arrows we’re starting to see.
  9. J

    Let's talk about Retirement

    I realized from many of my colleagues that retired it's more important to be emotionally ready as financially ready to retire. I'm counting remaining paychecks (88) it feels better than months, weeks or days. I met with my financial planner today and the reality is, I want 2M to continue the...
  10. J

    How Many Mopars Do You Currently Own?

    69 Charger 10 Challenger SRT 15 Challenger HellCat 19 Ram1500
  11. J

    How Many Mopars Do You Currently Own?

    1 real one 69 charger + 2010 challenger SRT 2015 challenger Hellcat 2019 RAM 1500
  12. J

    Music that puts a lump in your throat.

    Three Wooden Crosses - Randy Travis. A few years ago I was in Guam and stopped at the Veterans Cemetery site. As I was driving away "Born In the USA" - Bruce Springsteen came on the radio, I had to pull over...
  13. J

    barrett Jackson ridiculous prices

    I like to say “I need to open a chiropractic clinic from all the twisted necks as I drive by”. Not selling and have my pick of the stable to ride.
  14. J

    Without saying your age,Say something a young person wouldn’t understand

    Go get me some prop wash! We need to replace your muffler bearings.
  15. J

    Carb rebuilding

    I just rebuilt the carb's on my 72 C-10 and 68 Cougar due to crap gas. if they weren't glued together they should peal off and clean up with a razor blade.
  16. J

    Working on cars alone VS having a buddy over...

    Normally alone, but when I know I'll need help I solicit it from from my X-SIL who's company I enjoy. Pisses my daughter off but our 6 year old grandson DJ always shows up too. Our 72 C-10 is DJ's in 10 years if he's a earns / deserves it. The plates are DJS TRUK, and he knows its his.
  17. J

    Any Texans in the House - Potential Relo

    Stay out of Austin, I’m 1 hour & 5 stop lights north of Houston (IAH) on lake Livingston. Wouldn’t trade it for the world. It’s country but not for everyone.
  18. J

    Calling it a Day Retirement

    Congratulations I’ve decided I have 95 more paychecks, sounds better than years, months or weeks.
  19. J

    1995 5.0 Mustang thoughts as a first car on a budget

    Keep in mind if its their first car it will be a sacrificial lamb. All my kids eventually had their firsts replaced due to no fault of them. I still own my first new car purchase 87 GT stang with T tops. Kids hated to be dropped off or picked up from school in it Now they claim it. I’ve only...