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  1. GrabberOrange69

    For those who have had the shingles......

    Get better soon Cranky! Hang tough. I got the shots at age 56. A little early, but I watched our neighbor go though it when I was a kid. Etched in my brain.
  2. GrabberOrange69

    I love NY

    Looks well baked. Maybe a little more salt?
  3. GrabberOrange69

    Scarebird brake company shutting down

    Damn, another company folding due to COVID/supply chain problems. Here’s their website announcement: Scarebird closing Due to latent supply constraints from Covid-19, we have decided to shut down operation effective end of 2022. Items still listed are available - those not listed will not be...
  4. GrabberOrange69

    Moving to Texas

    Great news!!! Put CA in your rear view mirror!
  5. GrabberOrange69

    State of the Hobby

    That the subject keeps popping up should tell us something. A guy I knew in the antiques business (had 20 shops across southern Cal and Nevada) said the window for enthusiasm is 30-75 years. A thing becomes collectible and of interest at about 30 years. At 75 years, few people are into it...
  6. GrabberOrange69

    Wheel Wednesday

    I posted this elsewhere, but hey, it’s wheel Wednesday!
  7. GrabberOrange69

    Name something that you never should have bought.

    Well at least you didn’t buy the 2021 season before they traded Stafford…then you’d have got to watch him cruise to the Super Bowl on the stadium big screen. Hes sucking this year, however…
  8. GrabberOrange69

    What did you do today....other than work on your car!?

    Worked on….my garage art! I’ve had the NOS 60s vintage Union 76 tire stand for 5 years. I got 2 of them NIB at an estate sale for $30 (yes, I stole them). Been looking for a “reasonable” tire since then. I’m cheap, ain’t paying ~$200 tire, then $100 shipping from fleaBay. Then on Monday...
  9. GrabberOrange69


    Holy sh*t what an idiot. Lucky to be alive and not run over by oncoming traffic or his own car!
  10. GrabberOrange69

    Gasoline. Do you price shop or just buy where it is close?

    Highest spread in our town is a whopping 90 cents. It’s a town of 90,000, and hours drive from a bigger town. Highest is a Chevron, lowest is generally Costco, Fred Meyer, Arco. Ill drive for the cheaper gas. Interestingly, we are close to an Indian Reservation, and they won a court battle a...
  11. GrabberOrange69

    What tools have proved to be invaluable to you?

    Haha, I just fought my way through a dishwasher/disposal instal where I could have used those!
  12. GrabberOrange69

    What tools have proved to be invaluable to you?

    Quality tubing and flare bending tools, for 45* and AN. I got Eastwoods kit, and I have made some OEM looking brake lines, fuel lines, oil lines, etc. A/c crimping tools, gauge, and vacuum pump. I have done 3 universal installs, and the 3rd one was essentially free as the tools were paid off...
  13. GrabberOrange69

    I think this guy has an interesting take on future collectible cars. It's not good.

    Before we get anywhere near 2050, we will have run out of lithium and rare earths for batteries, driven mostly be the banning of new ICE cars in 2030-35. He does make some good points. But just like every other green wet dream, reality will crash it down.
  14. GrabberOrange69

    Tick Tock, the countdown to Friday has begun.

    Congrats dude! I made the jump on 30 June. I’m going to do some consulting on the side because I enjoy it. You’ll like the time off.
  15. GrabberOrange69

    The not a meme meme thread

    Haha, ya, mine comes out to play after the 4rth beer…
  16. GrabberOrange69

    Not a B body. But something to keep me busy

    Doug, who’s proportioning block is that with the built in adjuster? Edit: disregard I see you said Summit brand.
  17. GrabberOrange69

    Another bad electric car fire...

    Wonder what the carbon footprint of a 1.5 hour lithium battery fire is, one that’s so hot it burns aluminum? And what toxic waste issues do you have disposing of the wreckage? Asking for a friend.
  18. GrabberOrange69

    Feedback on my combo.

    Love the car! Im a big fan of compression in a closed chamber, quench situation. When you have the heads off, I recommend doing the math and attempt to achieve 10 to 1, maybe up to 10.5 to 1 with head milling and gaskets. Heres a link to some thin, high quality gaskets from Cometic: RB head...