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    Dash lights and turn signal problems

    I have headlights, taillights, park lights and a horn but no turn signals or dashboard lights or emergency flashers. I need help, what should I check first?
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    Fuse block question

    I have a circuit that is dead. I am trying to learn but electrical is a big time weakness for me. I am working on my 69 Bee, and I have all four lights on bright, but no low beam lights. The turn signals don't work, but the emergency flasher is working. I checked the wire from the bulkhead...
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    FOUND Shift fork

    Does anyone have a 3-4 brass shift fork foa a 69 transmission that you are willing to part with?
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    FOUND 69 Super Bee clock knob

    Anyone have a clock adjustment knob and screw they are willing to part with?
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    Installing the fratzog

    How does the fratzog fit into th horn pad? I feel like I will break it if I use much more pressure trying to press it into place?
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    FOUND 69 Coronet Steering wheel

    I am looking for a nice steering wheel like the one pictured below. If you have one please let me know. Thanks, Don
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    SOLD 68-69 Bulge hood inserts

    I have a nice pair of power bulge hood inserts that are driver quality for sale. They have some pitting but look pretty nice. They do not have any broken studs, and still have the original gaskets included, but they shiuld be replaced. If you have any questions please ask. I am asking 150.00...
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    SOLD Bench seat headrest

    I am looking for a set of headrest like this. Color doesn't matter. They're for a bench seat and do not have the chrome trim. Don
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    SOLD 69 Super Bee headrest

    I am looking for a set of black headrest for a 69 Super Bee with a bench seat.
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    WTB 69 Coronet headlight bezels

    Does anyonehave a set of headlight bezels they are willing to part with? I need both, but I will buy a single if that is all you have. Thanks!
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    SOLD Spartan Horns

    I am looking for a set of hi/low Spartan horns for a 69 Super Bee. It is not a show car just a nice driver so I am not looking for NOS set. Thanks, Don
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    69 Super Bee rear window removal

    I noticed that the rear window trim didn't fit very well so I decided to pull the trim and see if I could get a little better fit. I found that the trim had a total of 4 clips that were not broken. I need to remove the rear window and I really don't want to break the glass so I am looking for...
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    WTB 1969 Dodge Super Bee defrost ducts

    Does anyone have a nice set of the ducts that run from the heater box to the defrost vents for a non A/C car?
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    Tranny ID

    I picked up this tranny with a group of parts I purchased and I don't know what it fits. It has a 10 spline input and looks like a short tail 727. It is the aluminum case. Any idea's?
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    69 Super Bee Turn Signals

    I just got my car back from the body shop (new paint and vinyl top) and was testing the lights tonight and I have one problem that I need a little help with. When I turn on the turn signals both front signal lights flash with the left or right signal, and the correct rear light flashes. Does...
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    WIW - 71 Charger R/T

    I have had a change in circumstances and now I may be selling my R/T. I have a partial build sheet, and fender tags to verify it is a real R/T but it is missing a lot of the parts, such as the original engine and tranny, hood, doors and tail lights. It currently has a running 400 backed up by a...
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    New Mopar came home with me!

    :headbang: I was able to pick up a new project car over the weekend and took a few pics tonight! I plan on restoring this one, but it will take a little time to get the $$$$ together. She is a 71 Charger R/T 440 car that is pretty solid, but will need some love and more $$$$. She is missing...
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    70 Coronet Four door

    I found a 70 Coronet 4 door car for sale locally and I planning to go see it in person today so I have a couple of questions for you guys. If the car is rust free (like the owner is saying), will most of the front end parts from a 4 door car exchange on to a 2 door car? Will most of the cars...
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    68-69 Charger Hoods

    I know a man that is thinking about selling a couple of original hoods for a Charger. One is pretty nice, the other has holes for hood pins and a hole for a hood tach. What is the price range for hoods like these? Don