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  1. Paul_G

    73 Charger 440 1 7/8" headers

    Looked at Dougs and there D452 fit up to 72. Any idea what will fit a 73?
  2. Paul_G

    Hemi rebuild

    Starting the rebuild of of a Gen II Hemi. Are there any books that cover this in detail? Any tips and advice is welcome.
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  4. Paul_G

    Time slips from Duct Tape Drags

    The weekend was great, except for getting rained out both days. Friday night was a complete rain out, no racing. Saturday was good till about 5 PM, then rain shut it down for the night, no racing on Sunday. I am car 30. The car; 73 Charger Rallye, 255/60-15 Cooper street tires all around, full...
  5. Paul_G

    At what point is a high flow power valve required?

    I have been getting this new to me carb dialed in on my 505 stroker. Bought the carb used and rebuilt it. The carb is a Holley based custom built 950 by Pro Systems. It had 76 jets in the primary with 7.5 PV, 90 jets in the secondary with a PV plug. MY AFR's were showing mid 14's at half...
  6. Paul_G

    Weight transfer

    Would raising the front end an inch or so help transfer weight to the rear for better traction? Easy to do if it makes sense.
  7. Paul_G

    Benefit car show for Phoenix Children's Hospital October 8th, 2022 Saturday, October 8, 2022

    Paul_G added a new event: Benefit car show for Phoenix Children's Hospital October 8th, 2022 Saturday, October 8, 2022 Read more about this event...
  8. Paul_G

    10 year old M&H drag radials or street tires?

    Tires get hard as they age. Going to duct Tape drags in a couple weeks. What would be better on the track, new Michelin Pilot Sports, or 10 year old M&H drag radials?
  9. Paul_G

    Toasted the clutch, only lasted 5000 miles

    Mcleod dual friction clutch. Very disappointing. It is supposed to handle 500 HP. My 383 was only 300 at best. The car was on the dragstrip a few times, and spent a weekend on the autocross track. The 383 engine is out right now, my 505 stroker is going in. So I have to decide on what to do with...
  10. Paul_G

    Using a Thermoquad with boost

    Just curious if carbs other than Holley style will work with boost? Edelbrock or even an old Thermoquad?
  11. Paul_G

    727 truck trans with short tail and fixed yoke

    I have a good 727 but it has the fixed yoke. Will need a drive shaft with a slip yoke to use it. Any one know make model of truck I might find in the bone yard with a slip yoke drive shaft I can use?
  12. Paul_G

    Engine painting

    I finally pulled the 505 out of the corner to get started on the rebuild. I originally painted it blue using the Dupli Color spray cans of Chrylser blue. That is crap paint. I am changing the color to Hemi Orange now, so the block has to be completely stripped of all the blue. I am using...
  13. Paul_G

    68 Dodge A100 shorty

    This came up today. Not my wheelhouse actually, I am a B Body guy. But how cool! I can imagine a 7 passenger seating, inside finished in the 70's custom van style, Gen 3 Hemi with automatic. Raised in the rear and most likely tubbed for big meats. Small tire in the front. Custom paint with 70's...
  14. Paul_G

    46RH torque converter lock up

    This does not happen all the time. As the car is coming to a stop the engine rpms come way down till the engine starts to buck, and the engine will die as it stops if I dont put it in neutral. It feels like the torque converter is in lock up when it should not be. Here is the thing, I have a...
  15. Paul_G

    Hemi valve lash

    Indy Cylinder head 528 ci Hemi. The valve train is very noisy. I dont know when the last time the lash was checked, if ever. I pulled the valve covers to have a look around. The cold lash settings on the intake side were from .015 to .026, exhaust side .014 to .050+. I have no cam spec other...
  16. Paul_G

    Blow through carb rebuild

    After the install of the air fuel ratio gauge I found the carb tune was way off. Too rich at idle, mid 11's, to rich at cruise, low 12's, and stupid lean when given the beans, mid to high 15's. How the carb is built is a puzzle. It does not have a Holley list number. Looks to be a custom built...
  17. Paul_G

    Got rear ended

    I was inside the car wash and an old fool in a truck was rolling through in drive instead of nuetral and ran right in to me. Busted both tail light housings.
  18. Paul_G

    WTB 1973 or 1974 Charger tail light

    I was rear ended a couple weeks ago. Tail light housings busted. Need replacements. I have a decent left side housing, need a right side.
  19. Paul_G

    Smoke coming out the breathers

    There is a lot of smoke coming out the breathers from both valve covers. This is on my Indy Cylinder headed 69 RR 528 Hemi. The valve covers have breathers with a hose connection. They ran the hose down to the under side of the car, like a road draft system. It smokes the worst after a good romp...
  20. Paul_G

    Tire choices

    I have to decide on what tires to put on the 69 Hemi car. It makes over 700 WHP. That makes the decision a little tough. Sizes I need are Front 245/45-17, Rear 275/40-17 I am leaning toward Mickey Thompson ET Street tires on the back, with an all season on the front. Discount tire $1025, or...