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    1968 Dodge Charger Project - Looking for Opinions

    Sounds to me like you have a pretty good start on it already….some good advice/ ideas on here though.
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    Richard Rawlings buys a Superbird.

    I’m with him on the white… looks good (or rad) lol
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    Convert the dash ashtray to hold fuse panel?

    I fabricated a metal clip that hooks onto the bottom of the dash where the fuse box normally mounts with a screw. Now I can unhook it and hold it in my hand…..much better access but only what the slack on the wire allows
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    Correct screws for gauge and radio bezel mounting?

    After you get the dash installed…it’s funny how the original screws turn up one by one in the carpet pile ,seats etc.
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    PerTronix Ignitor® Solid-State Ignition Systems anyone using it?

    I’ve used pertronix I and II for many years now. No problems.
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    Made perfect sents to me. Lol
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    I bought them less than a year ago. They fit nicely. I wouldn’t doubt if there is only one manufacturer of them and several distributors.
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    66 Charger trunk panels

    Good question. I have the same situation. Has anyone used the old panels as templates to make their own? If so , what material did you use and where do you get it?
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    Steering wheel upgrade

    67 Belvedere
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    Console for 69 Charger - Had to resort to building one

    It DOES go well with the seats.
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    66 faux wood wheel horn hub color?

    It was tan on my 67 satellite wood grain wheel
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    Circuit board testing

    This is good advice. When you check continuity, put the tester probe at the top of the pins as the solder may be broken at the base of the pin , causing intermittent continuity. If it’s broken , simply re-solder.
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    Watch my 318 Aspen Wagon race a new Ford Mustang on TV.

    Great entertainment…thanks
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    Who makes the best fitting convertible top ?

    I installed a top manufactured by a company called Kee on my 68 gtx years ago. I believe I bought it from legendary. They are a supplier to many outlets. I did fit very well , but I can say it’s not easy to install without those wrinkles you’re talking about.
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    Can Someone Explain what Is Happening Here...

    It might be an illusion but the wheel cylinder appears to be sagging down. Are the mounting holes for it in the backing plate enlarged or “slotted “ ? As already said here , the brake shoe slot for the wheel cylinder pin could be off.
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    Happy then disappointed…

    Yes sir. Lamps it is.
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    Happy then disappointed…

    I was an electrician for 40 plus years also…..also no expert. Amperage is definitely a real word , but I suspect you must know that.
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    Using Evaporust in 5gal bucket

    Some great solutions here guys ( pun intended) Seriously, good info….thanks
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    SOLD 1973 Plymouth Satellite RR decals 8800

    Still shows full. Not going through
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    SOLD 1973 Plymouth Satellite RR decals 8800

    Sent you a pm but it’s saying your mailbox is full