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  1. haywire 440

    Are These Motor Mounts Mopar?

    These are McQuey-Morris MM2227 and were given to me by a friend. I researched but couldn’t fine anything. They are marked RH, right hand.
  2. haywire 440

    Are ‘68 Coronet Qrt. Panel Extensions the Same Between a 4-Dr & a R/T?

    Are the Extensions the same across the entire line, 4-Dr, 440, 500, R/T, Superbee, Hardtop, Sedan and Convertible?
  3. haywire 440

    Mopars Invade Centerville Dragway in Arkansas.

    Sponsored by Arkansas Mopar Cruisers & Pentastar Madness Club, this combination of Car Show and 1/8 mile Drag Strip combo was the 28th year for this event. Here’s some Mopars
  4. haywire 440

    For Sale “NOT MINE” ‘67 Coronet 440

    This Street/Race Coronet was seen at the Mopars Invade Centerville Dragway located in Arkansas. Owner Scott approved listing the car here. If anyone is interested just send a pm for his contact #. Scott can fill in the details. Sorry, no undercarriage pictures. Haywire.
  5. haywire 440

    Aug. 27th Arkansas Car Show

    Here’s cars parked Downtown Mena Arkansas area in the evening. Earlier there was a Rod run up to Queen Wilhelmina State Park up on the MOUNTAIN! We weren’t able to get to the MOUNTAIN to get pictures from that scenic location. The below PURPLE Packard won best of show and was driven 90 miles...
  6. haywire 440

    Review of Harold T. Glenn’s Chrysler ‘55-‘71 Tune-up & Repair Guide

    I was looking for spark plug specs for a ‘65 413 engine and spotted this manual in my newly organized file cabinet. It’s a book I used sparingly but found what I was looking for and much more. There’s Troubleshooting, Tuning For Performance and the rest of the usual topics. It’s a well...
  7. haywire 440

    American Red Vise Rebuilt

    This vise was attached to the old workbench when I purchased my home 33 years ago. Because I installed a newer small vise on the other end of the bench the Red Seal wasn’t used much. The American had a few issues too. The center turntable pin was missing so it moved awkwardly and one of the...
  8. haywire 440

    Yubo…. New Social Messaging App For The Young and Occasional School Fiend.

    It’s good to learn something new every day.
  9. haywire 440

    “Not Mine” ‘69 Charger R/T F3 Green with White Vinyl, Very Nice Hemmings. The sweet looking green caught my eyes.
  10. haywire 440

    Champion Automotive Service Manual 1974

    I found this while packing and thought it would be an interesting subject. Edit: I saw that the detailed photos were blurry and deleted them. The printed text was readable in the original pictures but not when they were uploaded to the website. Liftoff failed.
  11. haywire 440

    Aluminum Pole Day is Today, How Exciting

    Darn it, I changed the Title. Not that there’s anything wrong with a little Pole Dancing on Christmas.
  12. haywire 440

    WIW Vintage NOS 1987 Barn Find, Made in USA

    One never knows what will turn up in a barn find. This is from a console compartment along with other odds and ends and change! Bonus time. It would be great for a dashboard display for those believers of “Gas, Grass or A$$”. Or it being Christmas time it’s perfect for that last minute grab...
  13. haywire 440

    FOR SALE ‘70 Coronet Lf Drivers Fender

    This fender is rough and the photos show the condition. More photos on the next post. It’s $85, local pickup only and located in Illinois.
  14. haywire 440

    FOR SALE Used ‘68 Charger Gas Tank Filler Tube $15

    It does have rust and a hole as shown in the photos. $15 plus the shipping and located in Illinois.
  15. haywire 440

    FOR SALE 1970 B-Body Dash Radio Woodgrain Overlay

    Picture shows condition. $7.50 shipped in the lower 48. Located in Illinois.
  16. haywire 440

    FOR SALE 1970 Coronet 500 Dash Woodgrain End Panels

    Driver condition. $20 each plus the shipping and located in Illinois.
  17. haywire 440

    SOLD 1970 Coronet 500 Dash Woodgrain Panel

    Driver condition. $70 plus the shipping and is located in Illinois.
  18. haywire 440

    SOLD New McLeod Super Street Pro Kit 75208 11”x1’x23 Spline

    This is new, never installed. There is a small blemish shown in the photos on the pressure plate face. It is $285 plus the shipping and located in Illinois.
  19. haywire 440

    SOLD “New Photos” Gold Aluminum Valve Covers “New Price”

    These are used and the pictures show the condition. The pair is $75 plus the shipping and located in Illinois.
  20. haywire 440

    FOR SALE 1964 Plymouth Headlight Bezels

    This pair is very nice and is $90 plus the shipping and located in Illinois.