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    My '71 GTX

    Beauty, makes me want to get started on my 71. Here’s my tags matching numbers and lots of goodies. I just don’t have the skill to do the body work so I need to find a good shop
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    1971 GTX Rocker Moulding ?

    They look dead straight are they supposed to have the slight curve????
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    "Bogus" Broadcast Sheets - anyone got a problem with this guy?

    Maybe next year he will show up at carlisle and we’ll kindly talk him out of this practice!!!
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    I will be there Friday or sayurday
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    1971 GTX Rocker Moulding ?

    Here’s how mine look, one a little curved and the other straight
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    "Bogus" Broadcast Sheets - anyone got a problem with this guy?

    Real aar cuda buildsheet for my car, wrapped around glove box liner......screw that loser
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    "Bogus" Broadcast Sheets - anyone got a problem with this guy?

    The guy on Craigslist is the same guy on eBay. He has posted his bs scam on every big city craigslist he can. I flag all his fake *** adds as soon as I see them. He’s obviously looking to make a quick 300$ and he knows most people will use them for fraud purposes not novelty purposes. Everybody...
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    "Bogus" Broadcast Sheets - anyone got a problem with this guy?

    This same guy is selling them on Craigslist too. Total fraud and BS...should be illegal
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    New Here - Buick guy that stumbled upon a 6 pack Charger

    Awesome car worth every penny..... my go mango challenger says hello!
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    Can I Make This Work...

    Not a hellcat but Yes that will work great!!!
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    '71 GTX Grille Colors ?

    Any pics of original grills would hlep...anyone have any?
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    71-72 RR/GTX production/color

    If you want a project I have a matching number 2 fender tag 71 GTX fc7 with white guts. Only 100 purple ones made I heard and even less with white guts.....
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    No More 6/Pak

    Is it a V code ?
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    FOR SALE 1971 GTX FC7

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    FOR SALE 1971 GTX FC7

    Bump, trade for street glide... [email protected]
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    FOR SALE 1971 GTX FC7

    A few more pics, hood is mint
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    FOR SALE 1971 GTX FC7

    located in Virginia needs a full restoration. All the sheet metal not made by AMD I have. Numbers matching motor and transmission, 440 U code with 2 fender tags. Too many options to list. Needs floors, quarters and radiator support. Roof is good, dash is crack free! Also comes with 77-78 440...
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    SOLD 71 Road Runner Part Out

    how are the doors? i pmed you. if there rust free let me know how much. thanks
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    72 Road Runner Help Me Pick A Color!

    FC7 with white interior would be awesome here is my FC7 with p6w interior. cant wait to get it restored and on the road
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    What do you think this is worth

    everyone wants a cuda or challenger or 68-70 charger. not many fans of that body style out there. that being said i would say 75-8000 is the right price range