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  1. cinciaz

    Gost Wires

    1971 383 Magnum. 4 Speed. OK spent money on the colored wiring diagram. All my wiring is factory!!! Slot 7 & 8 are for the reverse lights for the 4 Speed. So the problem is slot 7 has a wire coming out of this slot that is not on the wiring diagram. This wire is black with a white tracer. Also...
  2. cinciaz

    nuts for starter

    1971 charger 383. Can anybody please tell me what size the big and small nut are for the starter wires. I have looked in all my books, but no mention of the nuts. I have headers on the car so I really dont want to take evrything apart so I can take the starter to the hardware store.
  3. cinciaz

    idler pully

    Have a 1971 Charger 383 magnum A/C car. Nothing on the front of the engine was on the car. I put everything on P/S pump, A/C, Alternater, water pump. Everything pully wise lines up except the idler pully. Nothing looks bent for the alternater bracket. The pully component needs to come out about...
  4. cinciaz

    bolts bolts and more bolts

    Hopefully this is in the right place for this thread. 1971 charger 383 mag. Sooooooo I have looked and looked for a manual that will give all the bolt sizes and where they go. Can anybody tell me what size are the 4 water pump bolts. I have a service manual (CD) but that was no help.
  5. cinciaz

    Hello from Phoenix

    Hello all, I just purchased a 1971 Charger SE with a 383 magnum, Hurst 4 speed. It has been sitting outside for many years. The car has all of the original sheet metal, which is all pristine. The only rust on the car is the floor pan. It seems the windows were left down and the sun roof was not...