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  1. Cicholski1969

    1970 Roadrunner 440+6 SURVIVOR - ORIGINAL OWNER

    This car was absolutely nuts. This guy brought this ‘70 RR 440+6 car out to the MCACN event at the Gilmore Car Museum. He is the original owner, and would’ve bought a GTX, though didn’t like the bucket-seats, so he bought the Road Runner instead!
  2. Cicholski1969

    1969.5 A12 Super Bee

    A12 Bee at the MCACN event in Three Rivers today.
  3. Cicholski1969

    1971 Charger 440+6 SURVIVOR

    At the MCACN show at the Gilmore Car Museum.
  4. Cicholski1969

    Hemi ‘69 Daytona @ MCACN Show

    I’m pretty sure this car is a survivor. Regardless, it’s one of my favorites, mostly because of the hubcaps. The elephant is truly at home in the driver’s seat. Anyone else know the relevance of the Elephant to Chrysler?
  5. Cicholski1969

    Lime Light ‘70 Superbird

    Another one of my favorites at the MCACN show in Three Rivers. This car was one of the most eye-catching cars on the property.
  6. Cicholski1969

    Vitamin C Orange ‘70 Superbird

    Vitamin-C flavored ‘70 Superbird at the MCACN show in Three Rivers. One of my favorite cars on the property.
  7. Cicholski1969

    1970 Charger 500 @ MCACN Show

    1970 Charger 500 at the MCACN show in Three Rivers, MI.
  8. Cicholski1969

    Barn Find ‘69 Charger

    Barn Find ‘69 Charger. At MCACN show at Gilmore Car Museum.
  9. Cicholski1969

    1969 Charger - MCACN Car Show

    Mark Stornant’s car.
  10. Cicholski1969

    Lost 1968 Plymouth Sport Satellite

    Hey guys, I'm looking for my grandfather's long-lost '68 Satellite. He only has maybe a few weeks left, so I would like to find it before that day comes. VIN: RP23-F8A-182766 Sales Order no. : 187944 Bought it new in 1968, Maroon/White Vinyl Top/White Interior/White Accent Stripes. Came from...
  11. Cicholski1969

    1973 Charger SE Field Find

    1973 Dodge Charger SE in rough shape, with a 2nd gen Camaro Z28 hood on top!
  12. Cicholski1969

    1973 Dodge Charger Field Find

    Here’s a ‘73 Charger I found in a field. How can I tell it’s a 1973? It has the vents on the hood, which was exclusive to 1973 only (between the 1973-74 model year Chargers, 74s didn’t have vents).
  13. Cicholski1969

    1969 Plymouth

    Anyone know how many 69 Roadrunners we’re built with Hemis? Would be quite helpful.
  14. Cicholski1969

    1967 Coronet 440 Driveway Find

    Here is 1967 Dodge Coronet 440 I found in a driveway. For those who don’t know yet, 440 was a trim package for the Coronet, it didn’t signify the engine in the car. I would imagine it having a 318 or something .
  15. Cicholski1969

    Hemi-Powered 1969 Plymouth Satellite @ HRDW 2021

    1969 Plymouth Satellite dressed like an A12, and powered by a 426 Hemi! This thing rumbles…
  16. Cicholski1969

    1963 Dodge Polara @ HRDW 2021

    1963 Polara at Hot Rod Drag Week Test N’ Tune. Day 1 starts tomorrow
  17. Cicholski1969

    1969 Dodge Charger @ HRDW 2021

    1969 General Lee Charger at Hot Rod Drag Week Test N’ Tune
  18. Cicholski1969

    Lost 1968 Plymouth Sport Satellite

    Hey guys, I've been in search of the whereabouts of my Grandpa's 1968 Plymouth Sport Satellite. I've received the original options sheet on it from the dealer where my Grandpa bought it. The car was produced at the Lynch Road Plant in Detroit, and sold to Hornbogen Auto Sales of Marquette, MI...
  19. Cicholski1969

    New Mope Head

    Howdy guys, my name is Ryan Cicholski, and I have been a Mopar enthusiast for a few years, not the cheapest hobby but better than drugs for a 16 year old, am I right? I figured I should introduce myself and why I'm here. I'm hoping to make a purchase on a Plymouth Roadrunner up north for my...