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    What are we thankful for this year?

    I'm thankful that the Lord has stood by my side for the last 18 months, and places healing hands on me. I pray that it continues.
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    Name something that you never should have bought.

    Cigarettes, biggest mistake of my life. I've quit twice 5 years at a time. Still struggling to stay off them
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    Anybody have pics of seat release knobs?

    Thanks to all that responded. It appears as though both the chrome and black plastic are correct. Fran Blacker, thank you for the offer, I'm pretty sure that the knob for the six way seat isn't correct on the regular bucket seat. Thanks again everybody.
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    Anybody have pics of seat release knobs?

    I have a 69 Charger and have never had the seat adjuster knobs or the seat back release knobs. I've searched this site and even googled them. I get conflicting info from different sites. Some show a small black plastic knob in both spots, while other sites show a larger chrome knob for the seat...
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    Glad they are both home and safe. Go give them both a big hug and thank God.
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    75th Birthday Present

    That must have been sooo cool! What a great gift from your kids. Very thoughtful also. Happy birthday!
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    What am I missing? Can't get dash power...

    In regards to the dashboard lights, when I replace my dashboard harness with an m&h stuff 14 years ago we found that many of the lights did not work because the new little clips weren't touching the board. Might want to give that a look. Best of luck
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    The last time I ever saw my Dad - and why it guides me to this day

    I agree, it seems like we only have two choices, quit or fight. And I ain't no quitter
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    The last time I ever saw my Dad - and why it guides me to this day

    I ******* hate cancer. It just takes over your whole life. AND IT TAKES ALL OF YOUR DIGNITY.
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    Just this scene completely out of context

    Padam, I didn't think you were trying to be funny, I should have said not entertaining. My bad.
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    Just this scene completely out of context

    What an asshole. Not even a little bit funny.
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    The passing of my wife Gloria, and an unintended pun

    You and your family have my sincerest condolences. Please take comfort in your happiest memories. She is in our Lord's hands now
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    Do old tires have any value?

    Thanks all the quick responses!
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    Do old tires have any value?

    Any ideas of the value, even just as show ponies?
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    Do old tires have any value?

    I have a set of 4 Firestone wide oval F 70 14" tires that are at least 18 years old. They came with my Charger when I bought 18 years ago and have been in my basement all this time. No cracking and the treads almost look new. I'm most concerned with the age, I wouldn't want to sell these to...
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    1968 Charger Flasher Turn Signal Question

    I had the same problem with my four way flashers. Out of desperation I removed the switch from the dash and took it apart. It's just four small tabs on the back that need to carefully bend back. The cardboard piece will then come out. Pay attention to the orientation of everything. Remove the...
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    The Rainbow bridge . . .

    I understand your pain and loss. we had to let Riley go two years ago. He was 16 years old and in a lot of pain. His ashes are in an urn on my wifes side of the bed, right where he slept for those 16 years. Your pain will turn into wonderful memories over time. You are in my prayers.