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  1. Lt Shaffer

    Quarter window seal

    Hello all, trying to find the seal at the bottom of the quarter window. Not the vertical seal between the door glass and quarter glass but the quarter glass and the quarter panel.everything I see is the vertical seal. Also is there a name for this seal? Thanks
  2. Lt Shaffer

    Seat covers for 73 Roadrunner

    I’m trying to find these seat covers everywhere. There in a 73 Roadrunner currently but I’m not sure they belong. Anyone seen these seats before? Thanks
  3. Lt Shaffer

    WTB 73/74 roadrunner rear bumper

    I’m looking for a straight, rust free rear bumper on the east coast. Thanks.
  4. Lt Shaffer

    I did a thing

    I just had this tired old 73 bird delivered today. Pretty solid but beat up a bit. 318 auto 8 1/4 rear. Motor is long gone. Plan is 340, 4-speed go wing, 8 3/4 and color change to dark metallic gray with a flat black hood just like the one I had in high school. Wish me luck.
  5. Lt Shaffer

    WTB 73 Roadrunner

    Hello all, looking for a 73 Roadrunner 4 speed as rust free as possible. I plan on having it painted gray and adding a vinyl top so paint condition is not real important. I prefer black bucket interior and the motor is not a big deal. Please look at my photo to see what I plan on making. Thanks
  6. Lt Shaffer

    Does this look shady to you?

  7. Lt Shaffer

    73 on Ebay

    Found this on Ebay 281354240034. I was sent a walk around video, it might have a burnt valve. What do you think is a fair price?
  8. Lt Shaffer

    1974 Ebay Roadrunner This was sold a week or two ago on Ebay. Now it's relisted. One thing that jumps out at me is the drivers side rear shock seems to be half missing. Not real keen on the colors but the option combo is real nice. What do you guys think...
  9. Lt Shaffer

    73 RR With Vinyl Top

    Hello all, back in the day I had a 73 RR 400 pistol grip 4 speed and a friend of mine had a very wicked 73 RR 340 4 speed with a vinyl top. Needless to say the New York salt ate mine and I recently found his but the current owner won't sell even though it's ate up pretty bad with rust. I would...