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  1. Photon440

    Aerial help for submerged woman

    A paraglider happens to spot someone in a ditch...
  2. Photon440

    NO! Sixty years ago...

    ..the Doctor, that is. Sixty years ago, Dr. No introduced James Bond to the silver screen, with an Oct. 5 1962 premiere in London, and the rest of the U.K. on Oct. 8. The USA had to wait until May 8 the next year. By David Chasman & Mitchell Hooks - IMP Awards original U.K. quad poster...
  3. Photon440

    Fixing a grill with Plastex

    I thought I'd show the results of using Plastex to make a simple grill repair. Sorry it isn't something fancy like a Charger or road runner...but my road runner grill doesn't need fixing. :) So for the purpose of this exercise, I'm using a broken grill from my beater Pontiac Montana. If you...
  4. Photon440

    Hellcat powered AMX

    On Hemmings for $100,000.
  5. Photon440

    RIP Manny Charlton

    I hadn't realized until just now that Manny passed away a couple months ago, on July 5th 2022. Although he had a lot of work as a solo artist and record producer he's most famous as the original lead guitarist for Nazareth. He was 80 when he passed...
  6. Photon440

    L. Q. Jones will not be down...

    Gone at 94 years old. As he looked in "Hang 'em high".
  7. Photon440

    Ronnie Hawkins will not be down...
  8. Photon440

    Lada (the company) gets sold for two cents.

    Renault, who owned 2/3 of Lada, now deems the company to be worthless and is selling it back to Russia for 1 ruble, or about 2 cents.
  9. Photon440

    What happened to licorice goodies??

    I used to snack on these all the time. Now it seems that they have disappeared completely from my local stores. Look for them online and they're all out of stock. :(
  10. Photon440

    Ten year anniversary!

    Thanks for the last decade of good times and entertainment! Can't believe it's already been that long since I joined up to FBBO.
  11. Photon440

    Watching Crankshaft Machining

    No safety glasses, hearing protection and open toed sandals, but they're getting the job done. There's a casting number at about the 20 second mark (31312730) that seems to be a Chinese casting for Case/Perkins/Massey Ferguson three cylinder engines. The machine shop appears to be in Pakistan.
  12. Photon440

    So, what ever happened to HYRDGOON?

    Used to be such a regular poster, no sign since spring of 2020.
  13. Photon440

    Sidney Poitier has passed

    94 years old...
  14. Photon440

    Darn, it feels cold...

    Chilled to the bone here, I'm not used to these record breaking temperatures. -12c yesterday, and much, much colder in Alberta.
  15. Photon440

    Thanks for the upgrade!

    Some unknown but kind person gifted me with gold today! Thanks, I appreciate it. There are some great people on here.
  16. Photon440

    Electric Indy racing

    Many years ago, we used to have Indy racing in Vancouver. From 1990 to 2004, the streets were filled with speed each summer. Then it stopped. Now, the electric version is coming back. Next year, Vancouver will have the E-Prix on it's streets...
  17. Photon440

    Randy Bachman gets his guitar back

    Missing (stolen) since 1976, it finally turns up in Japan.
  18. Photon440

    WTB 1970 column shift linkage

    If anyone switched to a four speed or console shifter and wants to sell their old linkage, let me know! Basically, I need everything in this picture including the torque shaft brackets. Thanks.
  19. Photon440

    Happy Birthday Mike Gaines!

  20. Photon440

    The world's oldest rock band has retired.

    From The Hague, Holland, Golden Earring is finished. Dating back to 1961, the longest continuously playing band has hung up their guitars. Started as 'The Golden Earrings' when they were just teens, George Kooymans (13 years old) and Rinus Gerritsen (15 years old) were in the band to the very...