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  1. Hilljack68

    WTB Need instrument harness or connector

    I'm in need of the round connector for a non-rally gauge cluster on a '68 Coronet. I could really use a good unmolested harness, but I would settle for just the (female) connector.
  2. Hilljack68

    69 Barracuda "S" value?

    For you guys that might have a good understanding of A-body values: I'm looking for a rough estimate on what this car is worth? '69 Barracuda "S" 340 auto. Already restored. 73K miles. Sorry, that's all I know at this point.
  3. Hilljack68

    Looking for engine-decoding info

    My 68 Coronet has a 340 from a 1971 model. Does anyone know of a data base/website where I can determine what model my engine came out of? By year and code I've narrowed it down to Barracuda, Challenger, Duster or Demon.
  4. Hilljack68

    Looking for good tranny guy in NE Ohio

    I'm going to take the plunge and have a Gear Vendors OD installed on the Coronet. I would prefer to have the work done by a solid transmission guy, who has experience with the process. Anyone in Ohio know of a good shop? I'm in the Medina/Wooster area. Thanks.
  5. Hilljack68

    Show at the Galaxy (Wadsworth, OH) tomorrow

    I tried posting this in EVENTS, but it said I have "insufficient privileges". ???? Anyway, if you're in the Wadsworth, OH area, this is a pretty good show. It was scheduled for last Sunday, but rain postponed it til tomorrow the 18th. Starts at 3PM. Hope to see you there.
  6. Hilljack68

    Happy Birthday Oldbee!

    Hope you have a great day, Jeff!!
  7. Hilljack68

    Happy Birthday, BeeKeeper!

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great one!!
  8. Hilljack68

    Trying to help a GM friend out, and need some input.

    A buddy of mine is about to pick up a barn find 66 GTO (389/4spd), and was asking what I thought was a fair price. I told him being a Mopar guy, I'm not the best one to ask. I was thinking 20K. Any thoughts are welcome. ** UPDATE: The engine is not the original. It's a '68 engine, and...
  9. Hilljack68

    Best wheel dollies??

    I'm about to put a ceiling in the pole barn, which will require moving the Coronet around while I do each section. I've read some good and some bad reviews about various wheel dollies, but am interested in what you guys have used... liked... hated. Thanks for the input.
  10. Hilljack68

    68 Coronet Owners Manual found

    I was rummaging through some stuff in the barn and found this OM for a Coronet. If this is your car or you know this fella, I'll ship it to you at no cost. #WH41F8A177045
  11. Hilljack68

    Aftermarket neutral switch

    Has anyone had leaking issues with aftermarket neutral switches? I had my 904 rebuilt a couple years ago, and ever since I've had a little puddle of fluid on the floor after I bring her home from a cruise. Well, after talking to a mechanic friend of mine, he said he's seen a bunch of...
  12. Hilljack68

    What chassis grease to use?

    I noticed the FSM for my Coronet specifies P/N 2525035 grease for the suspension/steering lube (idler and pitman, control arms, etc). After searching for info on this and other forums, I've surmised this is no longer available. What are you guys using instead?
  13. Hilljack68

    What's it worth?

    I have an opportunity to grab a '73 Charger SE, 400 a/t with bucket seats and console. He says he has most of the parts, including bumpers and headlight bezels. I haven't gone to see the car yet, so this is all I have to go on - sorry. Thanks for the opinions.
  14. Hilljack68

    Cruise-In for my friend's deceased son

    Waynedale H.S. in Apple Creek, OH hosted a cruise-in to raise money for the Gideon Guenther Memorial Scholarship fund this weekend. Pretty good turnout for a small town on the fringe of Amish country.
  15. Hilljack68

    Suspension is now validated

    I just got the Coronet back on the road this Spring, but I've been running her through the countryside all by me onesies... never had a passenger. Well, I took my wife and another couple out for Mexican yesterday (on some curvy, hilly roads), and was very pleased with the responses concerning...
  16. Hilljack68

    Different drum sizes

    My fender tag is long gone, so I don't know what size drums I have. So, where do I measure to verify?... I'm assuming the inside diameter of the drum, where the shoes contact the drum. Thanks.
  17. Hilljack68

    SOLD 68 Charger seat

    I have a driver's seat for a 68 Charger. The (black) leather is in pretty good condition; the plastic hinge covers are uncracked; the seat rails are included, but they are rusty and will need restored. One of the seams is open about five inches. You can't see it until you fold the seatback...
  18. Hilljack68

    Happy Birthday Jim Kueneman

    From one '68 Coronet 500 owner to another! May the Lord give you many more years. Have a great birthday, Jim!! :bday:
  19. Hilljack68

    Occasional clunking in the back end

    I have an 8.75 rear end with a 3.55 SG. It was rebuilt by a top-notch rear-end guy nearby about 300 miles ago. When I have the car out, and driving relatively straight for a while, then stop and make a left turn, I sometimes hear a clunking from the back of the car. I'm hoping it's not the...
  20. Hilljack68

    76 Cordoba (not mine)

    Saw this on Craigslist. It's just east of Pittsburgh. I don't think it'll last long.