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  1. 69 hemibee

    Hemi Compression Ratio You've Used

    Mine is a 10.5:1, nothing too radical with the internals. Run 93 octane and she never misses a beat.
  2. 69 hemibee

    air grabber paint color

    Here are a few pictures of mine after restoration from Airgrabber Restoration.
  3. 69 hemibee

    Agreed Value Insurance - Not Garaged in CA

    You live in Tacoma and not garaging your car...bold man :poke:
  4. 69 hemibee

    FOR SALE NOS GE Headlights 68 69 70 71!

    These still available
  5. 69 hemibee

    WTB 1968 emission valve Hemi

    You try Tonys Parts...they had some a while back.
  6. 69 hemibee

    SOLD 1969 Roadrunner Air Grabber set up

    Looks that way minus the rivets.
  7. 69 hemibee

    1969 coronet/super bee bulge hood value?

    I'll buy all the power budge hoods you can find for $500-750.
  8. 69 hemibee

    Help me pick a cam - 426 Hemi

    I have a Ray Barton cam in my hemi, and it's great, especially for a PDB car. Might be worth a call to Ray to see if he has anything for ya. He has different grinds (Ultradyne cams) based on your needs.
  9. 69 hemibee

    After my engine break-in - I find this.

    I had something like this happen, built a motor and it sat for a few years before I could break it in and all the lube gradually came off. I broke it in and flattened a few cam lobes during the process. Replaced the cam and lifters then broke it in the same day and never had any issues. I use...
  10. 69 hemibee

    Hemi Brake Booster Adjustment

    No worries bud :thumbsup:
  11. 69 hemibee

    Hemi Brake Booster Adjustment

    Thanks, I called white post restorations as they rebuilt the MC and they said it was supposed to stick out. Some MC have provisions for a snap ring or a bolt to set it in place. He said when installed (looking down) as long as the piston doesn't go past the small holes in the bottom of the...
  12. 69 hemibee

    Hemi Brake Booster Adjustment

    Yeah, it does hang out a bit but when installed the piston will press in leaving me with roughly 1/8" now. See new pic.
  13. 69 hemibee

    Hemi Brake Booster Adjustment

    From my measurements, it seems my brake booster rod is too long even after adjusting the acorn but all the way in. Just got my MC back from restoration so that's good and the brake bolster was a rebuilt original as well. The first pic is the depth of MC and the second pic is the brake booster...
  14. 69 hemibee

    Texas vehicle registration

    Yeah Texas does and you just need to take your VA rating letter to the local county tax office and they will update the records. If you have a VA rating above 0% it scales based on property taxes in Texas. So 20% gets X% off of property taxes and so and so forth up to a 100% VA rating where...
  15. 69 hemibee

    Where do you buy your cheapo internet tires?

    Discount tire is a good place and I've never had an issue with their rebates and I'm not a cardholder. They also give you a 10% veteran discount as well, which can be stacked with other offers, you just have to ask for it.
  16. 69 hemibee

    WTB MK662 Raybestos Master cylinder kit

    Ok, my apologies then, I thought a WTB thread in brakes/suspension forum was the correct location. For my edification, moving forward where does a WTB thread such as this. * Edit found proper thread/forum location :thumbsup:
  17. 69 hemibee

    WTB MK662 Raybestos Master cylinder kit

    Quick search and this seems to be the caliper kit. I'm in need of the master cylinder kit.
  18. 69 hemibee

    WTB MK662 Raybestos Master cylinder kit

    Which parts store? Napa, AutoZone, oreillys don't have there around here (NW Fl).
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    Muscle car meetup

    :)Any of these