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  1. Herman

    426 Hemi Valve Covers

    Chrome, on race hemi, black paint on street hemi.
  2. Herman

    My life altered for all time

    Prayers for you and your family
  3. Herman

    My Christmas gift wouldn't fit down the chimney

    First notice that the sold to is Chrysler Motors Corp. Roseville CP is the ship to dealer. This was a " Field Car" meaning a Chrysler Sales office employee drove it or was intending to. This was common as all sales and service personnel drove corporate vehicles. The person the vehicle was built...
  4. Herman

    426 Hemi Engine Swap

    I have pulled and replaced 426 hemis multiple times, no tricks needed. remove hood, use a chain fall hoist the engine is heavy cherry pickers tip. The chain fall lets you lower it straight in. When using the engine leveler or chain keep the attachment as flush as possible on the firewall side...
  5. Herman

    SOLD 65/68 race hemi bell housing

    I have not one the those for a long time
  6. Herman

    Hemi brake booster fresh air rubber boot

    ...and he told me it was the last of them.
  7. Herman

    Hemi brake booster fresh air rubber boot

    As far as I know no one now I bought it several years ago from B E and A took me it was the last of them.
  8. Herman

    Hemi brake booster fresh air rubber boot

    Have a "new" reproduction boot mark with pn= 2949257. PM me if interested.
  9. Herman

    Looking for a source for Unibody Front End Lifting Tool

    If you are up for a drive I have the whole set up for sale cheap. I do not want to ship it. uni-lift, k frame stand, front and rear body wheels. I am in zip code 14040. PM me if interested,
  10. Herman

    Where can i find these type clips? not really clips

    Try Restoration Specialties and Supply Windber PA
  11. Herman

    WTB '70 GTX Quarter Extension Outer Mouldings

    Have Grille center, headlamp doors right and left, no GTX name plate, tail lamp bezels right and left, rear trim deck and quarters inner ad outer. all used grille very nice, tail lamp bezels very nice, rear trim some dings and nicks would have to be redone. would only sell as sets grille...
  12. Herman

    1967 GTX Hemi heat tubes

    You can replace them without dropping the K frame. The tube from the exhaust manifold to intake should bolt right up. The tube from the H pipe is a bear, start by loosening the H pipe from the manifolds, remove the old tube cut if needed. from the top side slide the tube into place and start the...
  13. Herman

    WTB 6 way seat base for 1970 Charger

    noppa, PM me. herman
  14. Herman

    How do you guys finish drip rails?

    Use 2K seam sealer then prime with 2k
  15. Herman

    WTB Does anyone have one of these I could buy?

    Send me a PM with your address will ship you 3 different styles. Herman
  16. Herman

    WTB Fresh air vent box 1970 b body

    Looking for the left side vent box, I have a good grille and door, want an undamaged box or whole assembly.Thanks. herman. Bought one Thank you, ,68 Charger
  17. Herman

    70 Plymouth body panel?

    AMD (auto metal direct)does have it PN 870-1468 it is also the correct one for a 70 with the oval opening for the gas filler
  18. Herman

    SOLD 66 426 hemi 727 transmission

    PM sent
  19. Herman

    Concealed Carry Coats

    try, berne ccw