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    Contemplating a new engine conversion

    I have the Aeromotive tank in my ‘64 Polara. Works great.
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    Painting the dash

    You can leave the windshield in to remove the dash. I R&R’d my dash in my 64 Polara 2 years ago. The bolts are a bear to get to but it can be done.
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    SOLD 1967 Dodge D100 roller for sale

    Please PM me your phone number and we can talk and I can send you more pictures. Thanks, Jeff
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    SOLD 1967 Dodge D100 roller for sale

    Southern MN by Rochester
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    SOLD 1967 Dodge D100 roller for sale

    I am selling my 1967 Dodge D100 as it does not work for my family any more. It is a factory 383 manual truck. I converted it to a 440 Automatic. My dad and I have owned it for about 20 years. It has about 59,000 miles on it. Below is a list of what comes with it or that it has: New windshield...
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    Been a member for a while, on the 18th I will have a car!

    I would also bring a gas can and fill it with Non Oxy Premium and try and map out gas stops along the way that carry Non Oxy Premium. I can tell when I have to run Ethanol blended fuels. Jeff
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    Who was racing the 66 ivory Coronet at BIR this weekend?

    MSRA (Minnesota Street Rod Association) had their super secret fun run. Lots of Mopars running. Sorry, I do not know who owns the white Coronet.
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    Looking for a source for Unibody Front End Lifting Tool

    I made one using 2x2 steel tubing that mounts to the bumper bracket mounting holes
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    kill switch w/alternator questions

    To be legal for NHRA you need to have the cutoff on the Positive side of the battery. For my set up I used a 4 pole battery cut off switch. I am switching the Positive side of the battery and the signal wire to my ignition box.
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    WTB 65-67 8 3/4 housing

    One on minneapolis Craig's List
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    Let's see your stance/tire combo

    My '64 Fronts: 15x5 185R15 Rears: 15×8 275/60R15
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    Summit Discount Code????

    Try Jegs "Buildit" Summit was matching Jegs discounts at one time
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    Efi conversion tank for 65 belvedere

    I used the Aeromotive 06-08 fitting at the tank.
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    Efi conversion tank for 65 belvedere

    I have a 440 4 speed nothing crazy with a 4.10 Dana. Drag racing last year I was running out of gas at the top of third gear. The mechanical pump was not keeping up. I put in the now middle pump size. I ran 1/2" supply and return line. I also wanted room to upgrade the engine.
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    Efi conversion tank for 65 belvedere

    I just installed one in my '64 Polara. It is a very nice unit.
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    ACC Carpet Pricing and Molded Trunk Mats

    I just purchased a carpet kit from Richard for my '64 Polara and the transaction went very well. Richard is easy to deal with. Thanks, Jeff
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    Greetings from Minnesota

    Welcome From Minnesota
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    Anyone Know of This Car

    Take a look at the radio delete plate with what the paint is doing and whatever else is going on with it. I would look this one over very closely. Pretty car though.