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    Good footwear

    Whites boots are by far the most comfortable boots I’ve ever wore. But my foot has high arches. They can be custom fit without much extra cost. They are hard to break in but once you do it’s like putting on a well wore glove. I get mine good and wet and wear until dry.
  2. 68-500

    Vintage garage stuff

    Wow! Your organization is amazing!
  3. 68-500

    SOLD 1968 coronet left side quarter

    Fester is this what your after? Bottom is there also just hard to hold and get pic.
  4. 68-500

    New to the forum just bought a 68 super bee

    Hey man can you post a pic of that quarter? I need to dice this other one up to ship it
  5. 68-500

    727 Torqueflite question,need advice.

    Go drive it. If it’s ok you’ll know right away.
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    FOR SALE 68 coronet wheel houses

    For sale to wheel houses. Rust as shown and I used the bottom right on my car. $20 a piece
  7. 68-500

    SOLD 68 coronet right quarter patch

    Lower front wheel arch?
  8. 68-500

    SOLD 68 coronet right quarter patch

    More pics as requested
  9. 68-500

    WTB 1968 quarter glass, left side, hardtop

    I want to thank Rod for hooking me up this nice glass. Thank you sir
  10. 68-500

    SOLD 1968 coronet left side quarter

    Trunk extensions are probably not worth trying to reuse
  11. 68-500

    Who has MOVED from their home state ? How difficult was it for you?

    It wasn’t hard to leave when I was in my twenties, I was searching adventure. I find it almost impossible to get back to NW Iowa in my late forties after a wife and family. I’m done with adventure just want to try my hand at farming some family land.
  12. 68-500

    Anybody ever removed a floor from 1 car and installed in another?

    Wanted to update this thread. 2 words NEVER AGAIN! I got a lot of metal I needed and am selling what I don’t need. But next time I’ll buy new if available. I’m having nightmares about drilling spot welds.
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    FOR SALE 68 coronet Dutchman panel

    Sent you a pm. Found a ride for your part
  14. 68-500

    Another not mine Craigslist find. Good stuff here.

    Look at all them quarters! No wonder everything is in back order these days
  15. 68-500

    FOR SALE 68 coronet Dutchman panel

    How far are you from Bellevue MI?
  16. 68-500

    FOR SALE 1968 Coronet right front frame rail and apron

    Very nice pieces will separate. $300
  17. 68-500

    FOR SALE 1968 Coronet cowl, A/C firewall, and rockers

    All very nice shape. This is from a sedan. I believe it will fit a coupe or hardtop simple replace A-pillars correct me if I’m wrong please. The rockers are the same length as 2 door just need a little creative work on the outer rockers. $400
  18. 68-500

    FOR SALE 1968 coronet torsion support

    Nice piece, there is a bracket inside that has a rust hole very easy fix. but the rest is very solid 98 out of 100. $125
  19. 68-500

    FOR SALE 1968 coronet rear frame rails and X-members

    All very nice shape I can’t find any rust. $800 as 1 piece. Will separate if needed price as needed.