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    Seatbelt assistance please

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    Seatbelt assistance please

    seat belt bolts
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    Flanging tool too shallow??

    I had one of those years ago. I seemto remember having to add oil it.
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    High Performance brake shoes . They list carbon metallic. Claim it rotor friendly
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    Whats My Options?

    A 5.9 is externally balanced. You would need to look in to that. You should have a 130 tooth flywheel and all the stock 5.9 is probably 143 truck.
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    1968 Dodge Charger Project - Looking for Opinions

    Looks to be a clean car. Even the drivers fender. Ripping down a car is a lot of work/hours/patience. Makes it easier to tackle rust and paint, but you are without a car due that time. Other get them running/driving and fix areas as they drive it.
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    69 Roadrunner 4spd conversion

    You flip the 3/4 lever.
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    69 Roadrunner 4spd conversion

    It's still a a833 4 speed. They just got creative with the ratio. First is 3.09. Third became .73/ .71. And forth became the new third, which is why you have to flip that lever.
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    69 Roadrunner 4spd conversion

    That looks to be an aluminum case. If so it should be an overdrive trans out of a 76 to 87 truck. Brewer could sell you a new one or you could turn yours down to 4.81. The case isn't bushed for the secondary shaft. With use this gets ovaled out. The 3-4 shift lever points down. 3-4 rod may need...
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    Is small block 11" bell housing

    The truck bellhousings the had an 833od, it would be 143 tooth, 11 inch. It requires the 5.25 input bearing retainer, which may not bolt to you case. Try Brewer's for inputs or adapter rings.
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    68 GTX window/regulator help

    Someone over on dodge has a nice write up on adjusting the quarter glass
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    Front & Rear Window Glass Installation

    The people that have knowledge are few, so companies don't want to touch them. Old stuff can be a pita and cost businesses more in the end then they charged the customer. Is you gasket rope in style or does it have another groove on the outside that takes a lock strip.
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    Disc brake conversion is still not really "right"

    Did you have manual brakes before. I did a custom conversion in my truck. Power brakes, 13 inch rotor. The truck stopped but I wasn't impressed. While checking the adjustment on the push rod, I realized my pedal ratio was 6 to 1. So I drilled a new hole and change it to 4 to 1, which is a power...
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    Plastic grill repair

    I got a acetone and abs glue from the plumbing department when I fixed my 69 charge grill.
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    Front brake conversion

    You have to decide first if you want to keep you spindles. There are kits for this. Or change to a disc spindle that allow use of factory disc parts.
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    Looking for advise on spindle stuff

    The rear bearing is larger starting in 73, if you are mixing parts.
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    Help with shifter handle

    I had a pistol grip in my 68 RR. Worked fine. You need a shifter boot for it vs the round shifter.
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    I think the kyb's were designed for a stock type suspension with 60/ 70 series tires. I think if you were to put them on a car with upgrade torsion bars, sway bars and a 40 series tire you would find them stiff and want a Bilstein that is valved the opposite of the kyb.
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    Rear windshield install question

    I have been using the same piece of clothes line for the last 30 years to rope glass in. Put the glass in the gasket and then the rope in the gasket starting from the bottom. I use spray can glass cleaner as a lubricant. Set the glass in the opening. Pull one side of the rope around the first...
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    Disc Brake Spindles?

    The caliper bracket can be switched. 73 and later bbody spindles are 3/8 inch taller. Abody is same height as 72 and older.