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    FOR SALE 72 satellite door panels

    I am interested in all 4 upper panels but I would like to see some clearer pictures if possible
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    SOLD NOS Big Block Rear Crank Seal Retainer PN# 1945473/2128895

    How much for shipping to 06377
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    FOUND Arm rest clip

    I will give you one just pay shipping
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    SOLD Sold

    How many sets do you have.
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    SOLD Exhaust Tips

    I am about an hour and a half away from Springfield
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    SOLD Exhaust Tips

    I am interested if still available
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    Which slotted exhaust tips for a 1974 Charger SE?

    Plymouth used the short versions and Dodge used the long.
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    Threaded chrome dash bezel ?

    I wanted to post a picture but was unable. so that picture is the bezel so I need to know what make and model uses it
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    Threaded chrome dash bezel ?

    Looking for an application for a internally threaded chrome bezel with a part number of 2507226, could not find any info online.
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    SOLD 68 and up b body hardware lot

    How How much minus the aftermarket parts. not interested in the Year one and totally auto parts.
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    68 GTX window/regulator help

    I was hoping you needed the rear assemblies due to the fact I have rear assemblies that I had cut out of a few parts cars years ago still assembled to the sheet metal. I don't have cutaways of the door mechanisms unfortunately.
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    68 GTX window/regulator help

    Rear windows or doors
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    FOR SALE 70 Plymouth Satellite Taillight Pair Chrome Bezels

    I tried to sell a set of those for two years and ended up trashing them.
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    SOLD 11 chrome bezels

    I will take them. Do you have paypal
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    Factory hood pin diameter and thread pitch

    Was wondering if all the hood pin applications used the same size pins with the 1/2" 13 coarse thread or were there different size pins for different applications. i came across a couple of different size pins in my collection that have a 1/2" 20 thread
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    FOR SALE 1969 Satellite Dash Trim

    Silver and black dash trim from a 1969 Satellite, piece is in excellent condition with no breaks, cracks, or scratches. $40.00 plus shipping from Sterling CT
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    WTB WTB Coronet Dash Trim, see pic

    Are you still looking ?
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    WTB WTB Coronet Dash Trim, see pic

    A few after light polishing. I would give it a 9 out of 10.
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    WTB WTB Coronet Dash Trim, see pic

    Here are some better pictures once cleaned.