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  1. Old Sparky

    Cam Bearing Alignment

    Looks normal
  2. Old Sparky

    Happy then disappointed…

    A 35 amp alternator is not worth the trouble install it. Makes a good anchor tho.
  3. Old Sparky

    Air compressor in garage or out?

    Mine is in an unheated 30x40 shop ....I just ignore the noise....after a while I don't notice it. The only problem I have is if I need it in the winter at -20 I have to put a heater nearby to heat the oil to get it to start properly.
  4. Old Sparky

    Correct 440 valley pan paint color

    Nope....My 71 bee 383 did not when new.
  5. Old Sparky

    Carburetor stumble

    My guess is you need more juice pump and or bigger pump jets
  6. Old Sparky

    Correct 440 valley pan paint color

    I have a 71 bee 383 from new it did not have a I guess it was not a standard item for some years.
  7. Old Sparky

    Still no luck with the '69 Charger 383. Hasn't fired once.

    If you have spark, fuel and compression with no start or run that brings up that the timing chain may have jumped a few notches.....been there a couple
  8. Old Sparky

    Engine stalling on heavy accelerations

    The sock in the tank is collapsing under high demand for fuel would be my guess.
  9. Old Sparky

    Bondo Advice?

    cut ....weld in new...paint....finish later.
  10. Old Sparky

    Steering gear question

    replace or adjust the box
  11. Old Sparky

    Why is my 426 hemi stamped marine

    My take on this is that originally the engine was modified to run counterclockwise as a lot or most marine engines do. I have seen 440's modified in this fashion. The difference being the camshaft of course.
  12. Old Sparky

    Eau de Mouse Piss

    bounce dryer sheets
  13. Old Sparky

    Tie rod end separator... not “pickle fork”

    I use a pickle fork on my air chisel ....there are tools that work the opposite of a gear puller that pushes from the top to push the taper out of the knuckle. They work quite well.
  14. Old Sparky

    The green funky crud.

    All depends on what is in the air around the connectors. Dielectric grease is a good solution but a bit messy for me....I use Deoxit 5...useing a q-tip to put a very light coating on the blades of the connector.
  15. Old Sparky

    Gabriel air shocks

    My 71 bee has had then on it for 50 years no problems....I think it would depend on the rust conditions and how much driving. Havent driven mine much lately tho
  16. Old Sparky

    Differential yoke - what’s up with this?

    If that is a replacement rear end I would bet your next paycheck it is metric....I would look into that first above all.....metrics show up in the wierdest places....I have run into that myself. GL
  17. Old Sparky

    At my wits end: Need help with driveline vibration

    I don't know if this will help but I had the same problem on my 4x4 and it turned out that the drive shaft was assembled wrong....take the shaft out and turn it 180 deg. and put it back in and try it....if that's not it take it out and change one or both of the uni's 180 deg. one at a time. For...
  18. Old Sparky

    Crappy BF Goodrich'

    I use SOS on the lettering at a regular wash time it cleans them up real nice
  19. Old Sparky

    Still no luck with the '69 Charger 383. Hasn't fired once.

    ] The last time I had a problem like this the cam chain had jumped a couple of notches...had spark and gas to every cyl. but no run....make sure you don't have one of those hinky plastic tooth cam sprockets...