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  1. gary h

    FOR SALE 1971 Plymouth GTX AM Radio

    Now 35.00 + Shipping
  2. gary h

    FOR SALE Chrome Rallye Mirrors '71,'72 B Body

    Now 130.00 Includes Shipping in USA.
  3. gary h

    FOR SALE Chrome Rallye Mirrors '71,'72 B Body

    Pair of Original Rallye Chrome Mirrors,Good Driver Quality. 1971-1972 B Bodies. 150.00 Shipped in USA PM me for More details and pics. Thanks
  4. gary h

    SOLD 1971 CARTER AVS Carburetor 4968s

    Carter 4968s,From a 1971 HP 440.Rebuilt about 9 years ago.Works as it should.Everything moves and not frozen. Price is 175.00 + Shipping
  5. gary h

    FOR SALE 1971 Plymouth GTX AM Radio

    Factory AM Radio in good working order,Tested Today ! From a '71 GTX Price 50.00 + Shipping
  6. gary h

    '71 RR at Mecum

  7. gary h

    '71 RR at Mecum

    I saw a Black '71 RR on Mecum earlier today and i got a call and missed the selling price. I went to their site and got nowhere. Anyone catch the price ? Thanks
  8. gary h

    WTB 71-2 B-body passenger side painted and chrome mirror base

    Here is a Pair of Rallye Mirrors . 1971-74 MOPAR E-BODY ,1971-1972 B-BODY CHROME RALLYE MIRRORS PAIR, ORIGINAL | eBay
  9. gary h

    Annual Fruit Cake Post

    I just ordered some Liquor infused Fruit cake from Beatrice bakery online.
  10. gary h


    Glad it's Back !
  11. gary h

    Barrett Jackson Experience?

    BJ was televised on Motortrend TV.Not anymore.
  12. gary h

    parts washer solvent ?

    I used to get a Five gallon can of solvent at Tractor supply.
  13. gary h

    1971 Plymouth Road Runner

    Wicked Nice !
  14. gary h

    MotorTrend Car Fix Dodge Coronet

    I saw the beginning of the show and when i saw the Jap engine ,I changed channels. The Coronet needed a Mopar Engine, Not a Rice Burner ! Just Sayin'
  15. gary h

    Post Thanksgiving, and Leftovers

    Great idea 1
  16. gary h

    John Cougar Mellonhead is a disrespectful POS

    What a Fuckface !
  17. gary h

    Rust Valley Resto

    I watch it. Last Night they had a couple '71 Chargers featured.
  18. gary h

    Hulk Hogan's Mopar Muscle Car Collection

    I Didn't know the Hulkster was a Mopar fan. Thanks for sharing !