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  1. idrivemopar

    Top 3 Greatest Guitarist Ever

    Finally, someone mentions Alex Lifeson!!!!!!
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    Speedway Motors Drive Shafts - Anyone ever get one from them?

    Speedway Motors Drive Shafts - Anyone ever get one from them? Just curious if anyone has purchased one of the custom balanced drive shaft assemblies from Speedway motors and how is the product quality?
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    '73 RR Battery Cable Channel

    Message me and let me know when you can come up, i am doing a lot of different things right now, but can always make time for a car show in my garage! LOL
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    '73 RR Battery Cable Channel

    Here is what it is supposed to look like, this is on my 73, i run the front end wires through it, not the battery cable. Here it is before everything started getting installed, and the second photo after everything was done except the access panels and the washer reservoir.
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    What did you do today....other than work on your car!?

    Just finished rebuilding this 1967 Schwinn Typhoon with 2 speed kickback rear hub. I rebuilt and relaced both wheels and hubs, the bottom bracket and fork tube, lubed all the bearings, cleaned the frame. Installed new pedals, grips and some fat white wall tires! Left the seat and paint in...
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    Colorado people

    That location is in part of Denver that has been completely revitalized so no buildings at that address any longer. I'm guessing it's been gone for 30 years or more.
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    What's the Dumbest Thing You’ve Done to Your B Body?

    I did 3 pretty dumb things, First in 1984, less than a year into owning the car, took the 6319 Thermoguard off, sold it for 5 bucks, and put a Holley 600 on it, that was a pile of junk, always flooded out when the floats would stick. Second, in 1989, traded my 73 340 callout hood to a guy with...
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    Will a stock 400 smoke the tires?

    I did this in my 73 with 340, had to back up to take the picture, but my engine is built closer to 71 specs and is also 350hp.
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    Hate it when the temps drop more than 50 degrees in a matter of a few hours

    50 degree temperature swings in 24 hours, that's nothing for Colorado, just today, we went from -8 to 34 above in 6 hours just today, so we get stuff like that all the time, makes the weather not boring! LOL
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    Prayers for those in Superior and Lousiville Colorado

    Unfortunately, that did not hold, there is at least one and possibly 2 more as they try and locate a missing couple. They think it also may be arson or some dumbass that accidently started a shed on fire. Not certain yet, but the FBI is now involved.
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    You will love that 340, i have 340 auto, max cool with AC and auto trans and 3.55 gears, and every time i take someone for a ride they always are very surprised how fast she is when i get on it! 340 cars are a lot of fun, and the hotter they get the better they run! LOL
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    Prayers for those in Superior and Lousiville Colorado

    Could be as many as 1000 homes now, and part of downtown Superior has burned down. When you have exceptional drought and winds gusting from 100 to 115 mph in areas like this, firestorms can happen as did this one!!! Thankfully its snowing today, and up until today we have only had .2 inches of...
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    I thought this only happened in the movies, not real life.

    None of that up here in Northern Colorado, dry still, we had rain yesterday, and today its 50 and sunny!
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    Aluminum Pole Day is Today, How Exciting

    Is Pole Assassin gonna bring her monkey! LOL
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    Goodyear Joins Market for Electric Vehicle Replacement Tires

    Funny how they don't mention that EV tires wear faster and contribute more rubber waste into the environment in the form of rubber particles into the water ways as well as faster contributions to all the disposed tire piles around the world.
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    The Winter Sosltice

    The term for why there is a delay in temperatures from the start of seasons is called Seasonal Lag. Additionally, the seasons are based on astronomical events occurring as our planet revolves around the sun, not meteorological events so the seasons dont necessarily occur during the hottest or...
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    Who hates SNOW ?

    Snow, what snow, unusually absent from Colorado so far this year. We have had .1 inches and Denver has had .3 inches. Wednesday, we get hurricane force or greater winds and blowing dust with the possibility of power outages, flying debris, and falling trees!
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    With respect to FBBO member BDF......

    I had to back up and check my work! LOL
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    73 Road Runner "Driveway Find" -- Thoughts on Value?

    That is the exact casting number on my 73 340. You have to verify the block has the last 8 of the vin on it for numbers matching.