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    Camshaft question for the group

    That is a factory casting number for the stock 383-440 cam, the other stock cam they made had last 3 casting numbers of 454
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    I have an original factory magnum cam, been grinding cams for 45 years
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    Camshaft suggestions

    Might want to try the factory 440 Magnum cam, but you will need to close the lobe center down to 109. Dual pattern cam grind and will pull to 5500 even at 109 lobe center. there may be other newer stuff out there but your not trying to break any records. grinding cams for 45 years, you will not...
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    361/383 Original 4bbl cam specs

    Stock 383 440 camshaft casting no. is 454 hi performance 383 and 440 casting no. is 574 There was also an early cam no. of 722, basically the same as the 454 casting no.
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    900 RPM idle

    long periods of low idle are hard on everything, especially camshaft. Low idle means low oil pressure, hard on bearings, most carbs are not that efficient at low rpm's
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    another 318 Build question: Heads/Cam

    More duration will kill the bottom end, more lift will increase torque. Nothing bigger that the factory 340 hp cam. advance it 2 degrees for even more torque.
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    Cam bearing oil hole

    If the block is grooved the oil will find the hole, that being said oil holes in grooved blocks should be installed with the cam bearing oil hole down towards the pan. The reason is valve spring pressure pushes the cam down creating more clearance on the top of the cam. If the oil hole is up it...
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    General Kinetic Camshaft info needed please

    My GK book says 316 int and ex duration .590 and .602 lift 106 centerline valve lash .025 application says revs to 7500
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    mopar purple camshaft

    camshaft has been parkerized, an acid etch process designed to hold oil during the initial break in process. all cast iron cams should be parkerized. I know some early purple shafts were not, not a good idea with today's oils
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    Iskenderian Camshaft Question

    You might want to grind that to something with a tighter valve lash so it dosen't hammer the valve stems
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    Old Lunati Camshaft help!!

    110 lobe center
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    Modern lifters on a 'chilled' cam core?

    you must use chilled iron lifters on a hard faced camshaft, max spring pressure on a flat tappet is 350lbs. You can use more on a hard faced cam